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Since there are no physical copies and I didn’t get to include thank you’s; I want to thank anyone who ever believed. I want to thank you for not telling me what I love is far fetched and unrealistic, cause, well, it is. But for people to see in me what I see in myself is a different level of support that I can never not speak on. I want to give a special thank you to @that1producer for his impeccable engineering abilities that has helped me find myself sonically over the years, as well as of course the mixing and mastering of this entire project. Big thank you to Jordan Keyser for helping with bringing the album cover to life exactly how I visioned it. Mad love to the directors some who have been there since day 1 @eriksoncorniel @ari.2020 thank you to @directordontebeen as well. Love to all the photographers that I’ve worked with and will continue to do so; @bearoftheeast @airjordank , @dannyymaggs @cam_and_dream24 and @eriksoncorniel . Thanks to my guy @moneymontage for being apart of the last 2 projects. Supplying the foundation for some very moving words (i.e. Check Point) Thank you bro. Thanks to @killturnherkill , David, @nbhdnick , @roastie_perez and the rest of the people in my corner. I don’t want anyone to feel left out but these are some of the main people who have through and through never showed any signs of losing sight of the bigger picture. Thank you. Thanks to all my CLOSE friends it’s too many of y’all ugly niggaz. Thanks to my brother @elzmcfly on the creative direction for merch, ideas and always being real even when I don’t want to hear it. Love. I did NOT forget anyone, nor did I want to leave anyone out. If you didn’t see your name it’s just because I had to make this very concise. But thank you.
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Ben Lepper - Breathe (Echo Drone Remix) Link is in bio, #benlepper #breathe #echodrone #echo #drone #remix #dubstep #riddim #bass #edm