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It’s 42 degrees outside. This wasn’t taken today. Clearly. Great ankle hold though 🤷🏻‍♂️
Follow for new phenomenal workout routines! 😏 💥 Good is not enough if better is possible. You should be proud of sticking to your workout schedule. Keep it up! Workout by @michaelcvazquez
Back stateside and back at that #questforthepress. While I practiced will traveling, it was really just for maintenance. Coming back to real practice is rough but well worth it! I'm coming for you #handstandpress... #tripodheadstand #muktahastasirsasana #pincha #pinchapress #forearmstand #pressup #blastoff #yoga #yogaeveryday #alifeinverted
My modified version of @yellowkimber game from a week ago. My wrists couldn't come close to bending enough to do this on the ground so I used my slanted board. To be fair, this is totally cheating, but I managed to get my feet through my hands on the way up and the way down, which I've never done before! I tried to pike all the way up like @acro.rascal but my shoulders were blown out by this time 🙄 . Come do all the handstands with me tonight at 745 and Thursday morning at 6am!!
Miss Davette Reid Owner and Proprietor of @beckysbythesea showing the young cats how it's done. How many can you do? Coming to Barbados anytime soon ? Daviette is a great host with a wonderful place right next to the sea. You won't regret it and you will be sure to be taken cared of. We got you covered 😎🌞 #pressup #presswork #core #chest #arms #functionaltraining #strength #ageisjustanumber #strongwomen #respect #guesthouseinbarbados #wecometoyou #studioavailable #barbados #beckysbythesea #holiday #personaltraininginbarbados #certified #massageservices #yoga #kickboxing #holistichealth #trainwithmasterka #sun #sea #sand #freshair🍃 #iam #masterka #movementislife
Handstand challenge day 2 @yogajoint @kellygreenyoga #pressup #newview
So here's the second week of #TechniqueTuesdays... This is where I'll be covering off an exercise, a few pointers to think about when doing it and how you can include it in your training. Last week we looked at incline press ups and today we're taking a look at press ups from our knees. So if a bench or chair isn't available and we still want to work towards a full press up, this could be added in. 1) Fingers spread out to give you a strong base 2) Elbows at an angle to the body rather than 90 degrees out - imagine you're squeezing juice out of oranges under your armpits 3) Lower yourself with control 4) Keep your core engaged throughout the movement If you're working towards your first press up, this can be added in alongside exercises such as a dumbbell floor press or plank. Ideally, we would use incline press ups as they get us used to our body in being in a straight line but sometimes there isn't equipment available to do it from so these are a decent alternative. Give them a go and let me know how you get on! What exercises do you want to see featured in this series? Let me know below! 🎵: From www.bensound.com
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