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The first photo we have of Jude. He was born 7.5 weeks early, weighed 4lb 1oz and this was the photo Dave took of him to bring to show me while I was in recovery. I didn’t meet Jude for another 9 hours and that was for only 20 minutes. He spent 3 weeks in SCBU. We didn’t sleep in the same room as him for over 2 weeks of his life. That time broke our hearts. Not having our baby by our side at every second of the day and being told what we could and couldn’t do with our own son. Those two hearts have been healed by the amazing little boy we now have beaming joy into our life now. The person who did get to sleep in the same room as him every night for the first three weeks of his life was my beautiful goddaughter. Her mummy and I met through this mutual experience of our babies arriving early and our bond of friendship and understanding has stayed strong to this day and the basis of that friendship being built on tough times has meant we have been there for each other with a truly unique strength and love in multiple situations ever since. Every cloud has a silver Sarah shaped lining. Love you @littlebutfierce16. At the time it felt like the worst experience, now I can look back at the richness that has grown from it. #worldprematurityday #prematurebaby #bliss and #blessed
I was a prem baby back in 1990 - 10 weeks prem actually, due November I came into this world on the 11th September 1990 weighing less than a bag of sugar! I just wanted to show everyone that even though I may be small and often a push over but I am a fighter, I work hard always. So here’s to all the little fighters and thinking of those who don’t always make it. 💜 #prematurebaby #baby #10weeksearly
^•^ Journée mondiale de la prématurité... ➡️🤰🏻Hospitalisée a 33SA pour ma maudite pré-éclampsie: des corticoïdes en urgence et un pédiatre qui nous explique ce qu'une naissance à ce terme engendrerait; des anti-hypertenseurs et une gynéco qui attend les derniers résultats des bilans sang/urinaire... 😵🆘 Ouch !! C'était pas vraiment prévu au programme que vous arriviez si tôt mes chéris... 😢 🔜Va falloir s'accrocher ma cocotte !! [Mon corps a tenu 3 semaines, un pas de géant... 36SA, 2kg700 et 2kg900 !] •on l'a fait• 💪🏻👼🏻👼🏼 -------------------------------------------- La réa, la néonat... - Les perf', la ventilation, la couveuse... - L'angoisse, les doutes, le stress, les pleurs... - On y a réchappé grâce au ciel !! Et, chaque jour, je me rends compte de cette merveilleuse chance que nous a donné la vie... Celle de pouvoir rentrer avec nos deux bébés !! 🍀💕 -------------------------------------------- À ces bébés luttant à chaque battement de cœur, À ces mamans déchirées par la souffrance et la séparation, À ces papas perdus en plein brouillard, Milles courages pour l'épreuve la plus dure de votre vie... 💛❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️💛 #journeedelaprematurite #journéedelaprématurité #journeemondialedelaprematurite #journéemondialedelaprématurité #worlddayofprematurity #sosprema #prematuré #premature #bebeprema #prematurebaby #jumeaux #twins #36sa #mamandejumeaux #mumoftwins #papadejumeaux #dadoftwins #maman #mum #papa #dad #mamanblogueuse
World prematurity awareness day.. my baby isn't the only baby that makes it with all the odds against them. There are thousands born premature. Today we raise awareness for all the babies born too soon.. 💜💜💜 #prematurityawareness #marchofdimes #prematurebaby #preemiestrong
Esil’im Minnak Prensesim🌸 #dunyaprematuregunu kutlu olsun mu diyelim artik @burcu_ubay 🤗 sen ne guzel bir mucizesin guzel kizim benim..🧚‍♀️ Masallah sana ve tum bebislerimize..👼🏻 #minikmucizeler #prematurebaby #babygirl
Pero ser mamá de un bebé prematuro también es aprender: A que el apretón de una manito de un centímetro tiene tanta fuerza como la de un oso. A que las formas más pequeñas de expresar amor como una caricia en un bracito o en su pecho, en realidad son gigantes. A que hacer de canguritos es la forma más hermosa de conectarte piel a piel con tu hijo. Y por sobre todo, aprendes el verdadero significado del amor a la vida… porque es increíble ver la fuerza con la que estos pequeños se aferran a la vida y luchan cada día por salir adelante. Son pequeños como tu mano pero luchan como leones para salir adelante, aunque no todos lo logran. Ser mamá de un bebé prematuro es aprender a esperar para disfrutar de lo mejor que nos pudo dar la vida: Un hijo... Foto : @lsimancas Edad: 1 mes y 20 Días en la foto 2 solo horas de nacida en UCI #diainternacionaldelprematuro #orgullosamamádeunbebéprematuro #babydrummer #love #prematurebaby #worldprematurityday #justbaby #prematuro #cutekidmodels #like4like
It’s premature awareness and this is what 36 weeks looks like . My first baby was ready to meet the world 4 weeks early ! #prematurebaby #premieawarenessmonth #premieawareness #4weeks #36weeks #babyboy #4yearsoldnow #blessed🙏 #precious #growingfast #aware #lovehimtopieces
My hospital raising awareness for World Prematurity day. My love and support goes out to all those who have experienced this. 🦁🍼 #borntoosoon • • #baby #babies #prematurebaby #awareness #support #alllivesmatter #charity #borntoosoon #nhs #hospital #medicine #pharmacy #clinical #babycharity #humanity #love #humanitarian #amazing #cakes #instacake #fundraising #cupcakes #baking #allkinds #hospital #london
Today is #worldprematurityday. Approximately 15 million babies are born preterm each year (1 in 10 children born worldwide). We're celebrating life and sending love to all families who have experienced pregnancy complications.
*scroll for newborn Kovah 👉🏻* Late to the party but it’s #WorldPrematurityDay and it’s all about raising awareness about the sweet babes that burst into our world earlier than we had planned. The thing that will always astound me about preemies is how strong, tough and full of spirit they are. Kovah made a traumatic entrance at 34+5 weeks and it was the hardest thing I’ve ever been through in my 25 years! Being separated from her for 3 days after her birth was emotionally devastating. Not having the instant bond, not being there for my sweet girl in her first days earth side. But she was a fighter, we smashed NICU and she stole the hearts of all the wonderful nurses because of her full head of dark hair. She’s my inspiration everyday and I will be forever grateful to the doctors and nurses that looked after us, saved us and cuddled my baby bird when I was too sick to! #preemiepower 💖