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; let them be happy • credit: @/mxrphy
; my parents own me • credit: @/mxrphy
; how is it that his smol plays one of the biggest badasses on tv? • credit: @/mxrphy
; Raven Reyes deserves the world but instead she saved it • credit: @/mxrphy
; what smol babies • credit: @/mxrphy
hello everyone! I’m blue and I’ve decided I’m bring vine back through Instagram! we all loved vine edits so I’ll be posting them on here so everyone can see them. if you have a old vine edit account you used to love comment their username and I will post there edits NON OF THIS EDITS ARE MINE THEY ARE VINE EDITS BY AMAZING EDITORS AND ILL BE GIVING FULL CREDIT TO THEM!
I wasn't able to do anything.His body was hurt badly and covered by blood but so was mine.Alex came and was trying to break my leg.I was in no possession to do anything.But then I heard Mat(my best friend at school)saying"I'm coming buddy".He started to punch both of them off me he knocked down Alex for good.However,Mat got punched from behind by Adam and fell down."He is the perfect position this is my chance" I said to my self.So I ran to Adam and jumped then hooked my arms around his neck.BOOM!"RKO baby" I said.I helped mat get up and then we went to the others and told them everything.I was going to take my first bite but ring ring the bell rang."Oh come on" I said.The others laughed and then I laughed with them.We went to our classes.We had math but then the principle called me.I went to the office and there they were Alex and Adam.The principle said"If you lie to me I'll do something..." "yeah I beat them up so what?" I said."why exactly?"the principle asked."They were bullying Nancy and hurting her."I answered."which Nancy?"the principle asked."Nancy S" I answered."Okay you 2 are in big trouble." The principle said.Adam said"why us?""Bullying a help less girl? It's a good thing Mr.Floyd was there."said the principle.Then he send me back to class.When the school ended we got on the taxi and planed to go out that night.
#Powerrangers @andrewgray fue Troy Burrows el Ranger Rojo en Power Rangers Megaforce/Súper Megaforce