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Welcome to London. He used to have a tent here ... #homeless #roughsleepers #poverty #london #regentscanal
Look through the glass of happiness ♡
Senator Dino Melaye blasts those that investigate the source of people's wealth. Is it right for an alleged corrupt politician to say this?? . . #dinomelaye #poverty #wealth #senator
TURKEY DAY🦃 ‼️ In Prosperous SEATTLE ... 💈We can’t blame Homelessness on the opiate crises, and legalization of POT for a tax base. Which (1) is IT❓ THXGIVING🦃 or GIVINGTHX🙏🙏🏻🙏🏿 or BOTH 🕊🦃🕊 or NEITHER ____________________ How U Liv’in⁉️ 💰💳💸 -In Tent Cities❓ -In Dilapidated Motor Homes, Buses, Campers❓ -In Cars❓ -Squatting❓ -Micro Housing❓ - Apt. ❓ -Own a Home❓ ____________________ (🐘)👀 The ELEPHANT in the ROOM? ____________________ I witnessed a quite a bit of change from 1965 to 2017. BUT, never the emergence of the four legged MAMMOTH of a PACHYDERM that some of us refused to see, smell, listen to, or touch. I guess sometimes with POVERTY, its easier to judge or ignore when viewed by the outside looking in, than it is to take the time to Understand its mechanisms… Complex problems in our society can’t be compartmentalized or solved with simple solutions. ____________________ Our Economic Demographics have certainly changed: Wealth accumulation has increased for the WEALTHY, the RICH are the now the new MIDDLE CLASS, the Middle Class is now the WORKING POOR. POVERTY in America 🇺🇸 has increased at an analogous rate (albeit in different directions) to the WEALTHY. The LEAST among us are now officially at the level of 3rd World Poverty. ____________________ “The true viability of a society should be judged by the empathetic treatment of its most vulnerable and less fortunate, not necessarily its most prosperous.” ____________________ America is caught in a rock & hard place - Bring Manufacturing Jobs Back to America (thus increasing costs to consumers) and/or face not being able to compete in a Global Market Place against the likes of China, who’s governmental system is designed to excel within an economically inequitable and insensitive environment for its people. I’m Optimistic though - Our Top Down Theocracy always finds a way to innovate and adapt to change. It always has, and I pray 🙏🏾 that WE (🇺🇸) continue to do so. ____________________ #perception #metaphor #population #connection #introspection #observe #openyoureyes #poverty #elephantintheroom