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???????? I hope these cowgirls get they ass kicked tonight though!!! #KEEP #POUNDING
Don’t you just love when the bottle says it all? . Apply this to the back of your neck (brain stem), temples or diffuse it. If you apply topically, when you are finished, rub your hands together and cup over your nose and mouth and take deep breaths. . I’ve also heard people put a drop on their thumb and press it to the roof of their mouth. Since this is not a vitality oil, do this at your own discretion or consult with your doctor. . *Since this blend has peppermint in it, keep away from your eyes and wash your hands.
Sunday sweat #pounding #weights👊👊👊👊😡F dat diabetes!!!
Game day bby😤😤😤 #keep #pounding #panthernation #forthewin
Cuz it's like that boiii.. #latenight #pounding #daddydaughtertime
My borther, Hansol Lee, won his first MMA fight. 1st Round TKO 2:06. Congrats, brother.