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Hi there. How you doin'? ✨
Sicker than your average 🔥 | 📷: @vladrums
Prettiest details for a winter get together, an embroidered tunic makes any party more festive 💃🏼 . . . http://liketk.it/2tGWC #liketkit @liketoknow.it #LTKholidaywishlist #LTKholidaystyle #LTKholidayathome #LTKunder50 #LTKunder100
Night Crawl
Your lips can lie, but your eyes can't hide🌾 #innereyephotography #zenithstudios
I hope you stay surprised with the world, always, and appreciate its magic. Through the times of us being kids half asleep in the back of the car, heading back home after a longer-than-should-have-been daawat, and forever being paranoid because the moon would follow every turn the car's signal would make. . The turn signal too, it was magic, you know - before the driver would even turn the car it would know where they would be going. And then you'd reach home and would have to turn your room's light off and burst into bed before anything could catch you. Get under the blankets as fast as possible because that would surely shield you from whatever you must be running away from. . I could bring up the ground being lava but c'mon now, like that ain't over-reminiscent but that idea of adults knowing exactly what they were doing and believing them to be always right - magic. Or the fact that those boxes your parents would go to would spit out free money whenever they needed them - magic. . Magical disappointments. . But I remember the birds that day, the overcast sky and the heavy winds - and I also remember you. You really were magical that day, disappointments not included.
B A D D E S T ✖️
a soft heart in a cruel world
Priceless confidence.
🌼 rainbow bum 🌼
Veganism is something I've failed to mention on this account. I've been vegan for over a year now. My reasoning was purely for animals, although I have experienced the health benefits that come along with it. I came up with the idea for this series a while ago: Eating a Hamburger With the Dog in the Room. (Speaking from an American standpoint) we love our dogs, we love our cats. Thousands of millions of animals will never be loved, they end up on our plates with our dogs right under our feet. This series consists of what I'd call beautiful nightmares, exaggerated scenarios of our blissful ignorance. (Disclaimer: I did photograph real meat for the picture above, meat was previously purchased by someone else not me)
Gwen in the sun. 😍🌞 📸 #dirterotic
i hear the secrets that you keep || #RMPAmodel @ari_lee_ #representedbyRMPA
Zugzwang: a situation in which the obligation to make a move in ones turn is a serious, often decisive disadvantage. "In chess, they call it Zugzwang; where the only viable move is not to move" 📸 @luisgonzalezporto 💁🏻 @christiana_ouellette #modeladventurer
Eu quero aprender mais, compreender mais, evoluir sempre. Quero ter direito a sonhar alto e alcançar meus objetivos com garra e determinação. Quero conquistar novos conhecimentos, todos os dias. E fazer de cada dia uma lição de vida. Quero desenvolver os meus talentos e alcançar meus objetivos, sem deixar de olhar para o mundo ao meu redor. Quero encarar cada desafio como oportunidade. E fazer dos obstáculos minha maior motivação. Ph: @biakeffer
linger on, pale blue eyes 🏹 //model: @sydneyvandelft | #35mm
I’m doing senior portraits if anyone is interested in having some funky stuff to look back on :: in the meantime of you hitting me up for rates enjoy this photo of me all glowed up with this kiddo
under construction M: @chanellakai P: @sealthmademan
Watch me whip...🙊 Photographer | Stylist: Ness Laurie @thelostandtheloved Producer | Location: Di Templeton Model | Cristina Bevilacqua @bellaboom88
Not one to share sob stories but.... This one might deserve some attention since I know all too well that negative body image issues are unfortunately very common while growing up. It's one thing to go through an awkward duckling phase. But hating your looks because of how others make you feel is something that takes a lot more time to undo even as an adult. I absolutely dreaded my lips as they were "too big", "too swollen" and "not normal" looking enough. I was called fishface, fishlips, squished bananas (kids weren't very creative those days). On top of being a little weirdo by nature I believed that I looked like one too. It took me a good while to get over it to the point where I ended up loving the very feature that was considered undesirable along with everything else that came with. Fast forward ten years from then and everyone wants a bit of fish lips themselves. I was lucky enough to have a mother who constantly reminded me that I was beautiful the way I am and that true beauty isn't measured by the average Joe's naked eye. Moral of the story, your mother is always right even when she thinks that the wifi is making you stoopid and it's ok to tell people that they're ugly cunts too. .Fall-Ing #Drimminn #vintagestuff #eurasianhair #portraitkillers #hapa #tannedgirl #cutiepie #halfie #lisboa #portrait_shot #portugal #girlgaze #gameoftones #portraitgame #bodydysmorphia #liftwomenup #bodypositivity #photographydaily #fotografias #nomakeupmakeup