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"Akan kuracuni dia dan akan kudapatkan harta kekayaannya." Arifin @suryadwipa , Bandung, 2017. Arifin atau lebih sering dipanggil Ipin dikenal sebagai seorang taksonomis andal yang dapat mengenali dan memahami aneka ragam tumbuhan dengan cepat. Berkat kedekatannya dengan makhluk-makhluk berbatang dan berklorofil tersebut, Ia kemudian dipercaya sebagai pemandu wisata bio-tour di Bandung.
This is a place where MAGIC FOR ALL begins! A 180-centimeter-tall Mickey Mouse statue at UNIQLO Shanghai Global Flagship Store on Huai Hai Road, it’s the largest UNIQLO store in the world 😍 A must visit for all #disneyfans 🐭💕 #mickeymouse #uniqloshanghai #mickeymouselover . Full itinerary will be available soon, hang on a little bit more, and thank you for waiting! ☺️ . #myfunfoodiary #myfunfoodiaryshanghai #myfunfoodiarychina #travelwithmyfunfoodiary .
Yin dan Yang. - Ada kebaikan pasti ada kejahatan, ada kekayaan pasti ada kemiskinan, ada kemenangan ada juga kekalahan, ada keimanan ada kebathilan, ada ketaatan ada pemberontakan. Tinggal kita mau di posisi yang mana. Atau kita memilihi untuk bisa mengendalikan 2 Pilihan itu. seimbang dalam Kehidupan ☺ #blackmanphotograph #cinema #photography #photooftheday #agameoftones #cameraman #camera #film #cinematography #natgeo #like4like #instagram #jakarta #city #human #vibes #lighting #pictoftheday #jakarta #indonesia #canon5dmarkiv #beautifulphotography #postmoreportraits #postmoreportrait #potrait #tone #mood #instalike #instaphoto #iphonephotography #mirror
The best stories are the ones we live, not the ones we read. To all my dear Wheaton friends, you are who taught me that over our first whirl of a semester; taught me to forget homework in favor of a Los run, to do the scary things like talk to people, to let go and join floor cults such as the Bowl Society, to embrace your true Hogwarts house, to just breathe, to worship more freely and together a God who stuns each of us in new ways every day, and to more fully live in ways that honor Christ. There are, after all, some things even better than what's in my books. Here's to the years we have in store. Alright, sap out. #mywheaton
Pensativa! 🤔💭 Modelo: @janinacosta Fotografía: @jarapcarlos Asistencia: @juanmarcos98 Locación: ITSI @institutodelaimagen
we all have a childs vibes within 🍭 w/ @mumbi_keziah
My number one support system • Yang selalu heboh kalau lagi ngumpul semua. Yang selalu ada kalau tetehnya lagi mellow, yang kasih semangat kalau tetehnya lagi "ogoan", yang selalu berhasil bikin ngakak lewat kiriman-kiriman random di grup. • Jangan pernah menjauh apalagi bosen sama aku yaaaa! Kalian tau betapa berharganya kalian buat teteh! • Yuuk, kita kemana lagi? . . . . . #mylove #keluargaemka #supportsystem
MOOD // 时日不见
捉緊感覺 散失於街裏
It’s all different this year 🎄A huge Christmas tree made of thousand of bricks along with Santa, Snowman, etc 😍 Christmas is such a wonderful time to visit #hongkong this year #winterfest2017 ❄️ . #myfunfoodiary #myfunfoodiaryhongkong #travelwithmyfunfoodiary .
#tbthursday Missing these friends tonight. I had a convo with one of the brothers that lives there the other day and heard giggles in the background and brought me back to Chiang Mai days. One day, y’all!! We will be back (to Thailand that is)☺️😊 📸: photo shoots with these girls were my way of bridging the gap. Thankfully this day and age every girl wants a selfie/photograph/1,000,000,000 photos of herself. 😅😂🤣 plus I drank so much Thai tea it all went to my cheeks. Heyyyy!!!! 😍😍😍🙊🤦🏽‍♀️😅 #besilly #ilovekids
The beautiful @katherinbettoni from @aegency shot by me 💥💖 #tbt
@kevmm de la agencia @aegency en mi estudio 💥
miss her @nefeliwh and also my photography bud who helped so much in this @boys.r.us
Once you believe you are ready to shine Bright as the world's ever known You are the glow
When you’re 28 but still #feeling22 lol should I be concerned? Haha
Wedding photos are in the works! Have I mentioned how beautiful these two are? Book your spring 2018 wedding soon! #sarahnsiah #weddingphotography
had a blast shooting on my lights set with this guy. fun shoot and results are straight up fuego, as you can see. 🔥 #portrait #portraitphotography #postmoreportrait #lights #boy #moody #canon #canonphotography #iconic #cool #canon #canonphotos #shoot #wakeupshootsleeprepeat #photography
в детстве мне очень нравилась музыка. нравилась настолько, что я часами уговаривала родителей отпустить меня в музыкальную школу. но ответ я получала всегда один и тот же. нет. спустя много лет, я таки вернулась к музыке, вокал стал частью моей жизни. а теперь ещё и клавишные. возможно тогда родители и были правы, это сложно. но ведь для любящего свое дело человека, нет ничего невозможного, правда? #vocalvictoryfamily
"hands tight around my neck, you told me to breathe."
🆕🎥 Ba..ba..ba..na..na 😍 #mffdvideo #mffdyoutube featuring a 360video of the Christmas joy from our short trip to #universalstudiossingapore at @rwsentosa 🎄 . Watch the full video on our Youtube channel (direct link on bio) or visit 👉🏻 Youtube.com/myfunfoodiary . #myfunfoodiary #myfunfoodiarysingapore #travelwithmyfunfoodiary #rwsmoments #gobig #minions #minionlove #christmasmood .
I like my people like I like my cacti: cute with a little bit of sass. 🌵🌵🌵
Mood 📸 taken by my pro ching 🌞
@olivia.pearsall lights up my life, not gonna lie. You're the queen. #mywheaton takes on the streets of Glen Ellyn. #3eastthebeast #yeaht2
Santa Claus is coming to #universalstudiossingapore yay 🎅🏻 along with my favorite Christmas tunes; we can feel the joy of #christmas in Singapore. If you visit USS soon, don’t forget to catch their Christmas Parade & do a wefie photo shot with the #santaclaus and its 15m tall #christmastree House at Hollywood Lagoon, lovely!🎄😍 . 🎥 LIVE video available from my Instastory 👀 . #myfunfoodiary #myfunfoodiarysingapore #travelwithmyfunfoodiary #rwsmoments #gobig .
Love yourself. @hermes_mereghetti
Let me tell you what it's like to have moments like these where the world slows to a snow globe and steals your heart 'till even my Illinois posses a hint of otherworldly beauty and we live and laugh in it. Let me tell you what it's like to have moments where the clock strikes past two in the morning and still you know these are the hours to be alive and awake, for who else could have made this moment except for a sovereign God who loves you enough to cause the snow to fall on a late night before finals as the whole campus celebrates another semester of classes down and throws snowballs at each other in the dark because college students are pretty much the biggest children ever...who puts you on just the right floor and within just a few weeks you've found people you will never leave; who gives you just the right verse for just the right moment; who places you in a room filled with voices worshipping God and seeking after rest in Him, a momentary glimpse into eternity; who does that?!? He stuns me moment to moment and now we're left breathless in the endless snowfall of His blessings. That's what it's like to be in this moment. Also, an hour late, but happiest of birthdays to my lovely @lucykatebruno who is the cutest of hufflepuffs and makes me tea and snuggles with me when I need it and complains about core class with me. You're actually the greatest. Also, your namesake likes to stand in the snow under lampposts too. Call Ireland Mr. Tumnus basically.