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Town hall 🏛
Only sunny skies in LA ☀️
A cheeky banana pancake before returning to the good ship Mekong Pandaw. #FamilyOnTour #Cambodia #PandawRiverExpeditions
Today we took an old school bus 4 hours into Denali National Park to get a better view of the park. Unfortunately it was super foggy, drizzly and cold so our view was pretty minimal! We still managed to see tons of caribou, moose, 5 grizzly bears (2 of which were cubs!) and dall sheep. The only one missing from the big 5 are the wolves...
In pursuit of @spenner1111 through the Kratie central market. Fun. Fun. Fun. #FamilyOnTour #Cambodia #PandawRiverExpeditions
The gorgeous scenery of Lake Como, or Lago di Como as it is in Italy ❤️ It is absolutely breathtaking and I would love to go back and spend more time there. Have you been? What did you think?
Grand Teton NP, WY 🇺🇸: Snake River
Suggestions needed!!! We've officially started planning our next big trip! Where should we go?! 🤔✈️🗺