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Mam dnes dobrou náladu 🍀🍀🍀🍀
I love nature, but exploring cities can be just as interesting and adventurous • 🌍Comment what your favorite city is • #TakeONYou
Just remember this quote on your journey in life. Every little step you make and keep making will add up to something incredible in the long run!! You can do this always keep your head up and moving forward!! #bebetter #nyclifecoach #fitness #positivelife #believe #inspiration #changeyourlife #investinyourself #betterlife #eatbetter #health #properdiet #riseandgrind #workharder #worksmarter #behumble #motivation #grind #nevergiveup #quoteoftheday #nyc #nyrr #justdoit #keepmovingforward
Una mirada atrás a esta mañana del 9 de octubre, la maratón de Argentina, desde que corro este día ha sido de los más significativos en mi vida deportiva, mis mejores 21k fueron acá, cuando mi reloj marcó está distancia pensé: "y si solo nos quedamos corriendo medias maratones", después de los 28k el dolor de la lesión me acompañó hasta el final tomando fuerza con cada paso que daba, cuando llegué a la meta y pude visualizar mis últimos kilómetros de tortura me prometí que no volvería a hacerme esto, recordé que corro porque me gusta, porque lo disfruto y esos últimos kilómetros ya no los disfruté. Es por eso que no habrá maratón este año, pese a que llevo meses preparándome, la lesión está ahí torturándome y no voy a volver a someter mi cuerpo a ese desgaste físico y mental que podría dejarme fuera de la pista por meses. No se cuando volveré a correr un maratón pero estoy segura que llegará otra vez su momento, mientras tanto a recuperarme que quedan muchos 21k por hacer este año.
"IT ALL BEGINS AND ENDS IN YOUR MIND. WHAT YOU GIVE POWER TO, HAS POWER OVER YOU" -Leon Brown •Real talk alert• ⬇ I used to be someone that did not shy away from GIVING UP when things got HARD. I was used to most things in life coming pretty easily to me, so when something was a little rough, or required some hard work, I just either gave up or told myself "I CAN' T"🙅. I always blamed OTHER PEOPLE or things for the reason I failed, because LOOKING INWARD was just too difficult. And when I did fail, I would just quit. It was too hard to admit that I was the one holding MYSELF back.😯 ~~~~~~~~ When I made the CHOICE to change the way I lived my life, I changed my THINKING. Quitting is no longer an option for me. My "I CAN'TS" have become "I WILLS". Of course I know I will fail at things, but the DIFFERENCE is when I fail now, I FAIL FORWARD and always TRY AGAIN🙄👊 ~~~~~~~ For me, it started with the physical. I wanted to lose 5 or 10 lbs and gain some muscle. And I have. But the true strength I have gained has been MENTAL, and one I wasn't expecting. NOW I REALIZE AS MY BODY GROWS STRONGER, IT'S JUST REFLECTING HOW STRONG I AM ON THE INSIDE.🙌 ~~~~~~~ I share my story with all of you because I want other women👭 and MAMAS out there that feel unhappy with themselves, lost, and don't know where or how to start, to just know that when you make one small POSITIVE CHOICE, it can end up CHANGING all areas of your life. 🌈 ~~~~~~~~~~ If you are ready to make changes and get your MIND and BODY right, I'm here, and I want to help you like I've helped myself. All you need to do is make the first step and REACH OUT 📲🤗