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Hello, it's me. It's been a while since I've done an introduction and I've gained quite a bit of new followers and friends so here it goes! First and foremost, JESUS. Second, bacon. I have been in photography for about 1 year. If I could do anything for the rest of my life, it would be to visually document the world. I love all things floral. Maps are my thing, old and new. I am literally in love with the moon and the stars. Obsessed with dolphins and basically cry every time I see one. I crave all adventures that make my heart beat faster. Marvel and HP all day. I have ink fever at least once a month (insert your fav TA below). I made a promise to myself a little over 1 year ago that I would travel some place new every year. You can probably find me at a coffee shop ( @revecoffeelab and @revecoffeeroasters I'm looking at you). I wish it could be fall and spring year-round. I love falling asleep to thunderstorms and the sound of rain on a tin roof. Photo by my rad friend @chelsi_poirrier
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Home is where you park it 🚐
All of my weddings are in Maine this year, which is where my heart is most of the time, but MAN I loved this Chicago wedding from 2016.
Live by this words and you will spend your time better.