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Because... Puppy 💜
Hi instagramers If anyone is interested in having a Pomeranian puppy named Remy please dm me he is 6 months old and looking for a home I would love to add him to my family but we have 3 dogs and a baby he is available asap he needs a booster shot has all paperwork coming from a great home in ontario area #pomeranianpuppy #lookathisface #iwanthim
Today is the second day after Lychee completed her spay.🎉 Lychee looks pretty energetic right now. ☺️ She is getting used to live with collar. She slept over all the day yesterday without eating any food. 😕 昨天给荔枝和奥莉做了绝育,今天早上就开始生龙活虎了🤦🏻‍♀️奥莉一直吵着要吃饭,荔枝憋尿憋了一晚上,看她精神不错就带她下楼了。总得来说,做完绝育后两只狗子很乖就在那儿睡觉,也没吵闹什么呢☺️ #puppyneuter #puppyspay
Lazy night with mum ❤️❤️ #pomeranian #pomeranianpuppy #toulousethepom