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WHY DOES WHITE REPRESENT NOTHING? ------------------------------------------- There's nothing nothing about white, or white about nothing. On our screens it holds all colours, and it's the twinkle in your eye. ... Nor is nothing black. We just call it nothing, because we fear it is something. ... But if black is something, and if white is something, then what is nothing? Blue? Beige? Mauve? You? Me? Us? ... Nothing needs everything to be nothing. Everything needs nothing just the same. There was nothing before the beginning, and everything and all thereafter. . . . . . . . . #white #whitelight #ffffff #255255255 #everything #nothing #blacandwhite #poetryislife #poetrylovers #dailypoem #dailypoem #poetrygram #visualpoem #visualpoetry #poem #poetryporn #poetrygram #poesi #minimalpoetry #wordart #instapoetry #instapoem #poetryslam #henrikdelehag #poetryofinstagram #spokenwordpoetry #instapoetry #poetrysociety #iconographer #micropoetry
From my first post you probably understood that I don't just say what happens in the dream, but I give a setting and basic understanding of what the world is about. I find analysis important in capturing the meaning and beauty of a dream. ---------------------------------- Now, how to describe the setting... Think of a divided city that rests on a slope. At the upper area is the rich nobility and the lower area is middle and lower middle class people. It is known in this dream world that it is forbidden for anyone of upper class to mingle with the lower classes. I was of upper class nobility. The dream started with me heading out for a jog in my shorts and t. In first person point of view, I jogged away from my house at one of the highest points of the sloped city. After being a distance away, I started heading down the city slope. This part was comparable to a first person parkour video. I ran through streets and side streets. I passed many people narrowly missing some as I jumped over railings and under signs. When I reached an end of a street I took a detour to the side( not heading down the slope anymore) to a mansion garden. I jumped over a stone fence near a giant fountain and ran through this garden in the cover of some hedges. At the edge of the garden I ran straight through some high hedges, jumping then, to be completely in the air over a cliff drop to some rooftops. I skydived down and grabbed onto a rope that I had attached to a branch of an enormous tree at the center of our divided city (important in another dream), and slowed down my descent to a drop onto an awning of a store. I dropped down and started again down to a street. I passed between some alleyways, across an intersection or two towards a neighborhood. By this point I had reached near the bottom of the city slope. I brushed leaves out of my hair and wiped off some sweat. I slowed my running pace down to the front of someone's house and I looked to the front door to see a girl walk out ready to jog as well. She smiled at me. #poem #poetry #quote #writing #dream #love #poet #writer #wordporn #spilledink #thoughts #poetryofinstagram #writersofinstagram #poetrysociety #poetryandfaces
In memory of Chester Bennington. - @whiskywanders
I don't want to convince you, that I have the only truth, that I know best, or that I'm right. Do my words threaten you? Not my intention, to change your mind. All I want, is to express myself. Right or wrong doesn't matter. My perspective, the only one I have. My emotions, can't be wrong or right. They're not facts, not science. I don't need you to feel the same. My expressions, my opinions. I'll be right here, in my reality. Perhaps, always wrong. Only right, for myself.
I know this life can be messy. I'm okay with that. ❤✨
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These thoughts pour down upon me, like a discombobulated summer thunderstorm; as I lay here spread out on raven colored sheets. My hair the color of ashes and my eyes a diaphanous hue of evergreen. These four walls: my manmade cage. My thoughts: invisible chains chocking my neck. I disembowel myself, and your DNA I bury beneath ancient soil. I freely dance in the warm rain and catapulted useless data, that no longer serves me to the new moon. I am cleansed and made anew. m.hutman Tagged by the talented #poetess @nicolegabert_fallenangel for a #dontevenknow #poetrychallenge Also tagged by the wonderful @michelleg.writer for the #wordprompt #cage Amazing Art by @shaza.wajjokh 2. My heart is but a diaphanous sky of non-attachment. m.hutman #9wordstory OPEN #writingchallenge #myphotography #myedit #makeartnotwar #cloudyday #natureshot #writers #poets #writings #prose #creativewriting #instapoem #spilledink #womenwhowrite #writerscorner #writersnetwork #writerscommunity #writerslife #poetsofig #poetryofinstagram #instapoetry
Perhaps it's easier than most imagine, but for some the search is infinite
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