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Thank you for reading my poetry and quotes. I try to post new poems and words about love, life, friendship, family, and of course me every day. The backgrounds to my words contain shells, seed pods, flowers, feathers, insects, butterflies and anything else I can find in nature. I love to write in nature and collect anything created from earth. You can always find me writing at the beach, next to the river or under a tree. . Please tag me in reposts, they are always welcomed. ❤️ Image © 2017 Gemma Troy
- I want to Know Your story - I want to know your story. Not starting from your political views or religion or *name* I want to Know Your stories. The first time You scratched you knee when You rode a bike - if You have. How You traveled every other country to ever exist in the last three years. The story of How Your claustrophobia was discovered. When You met your partner for the first time. Your after-first-break up state. The Most recent time you felt like dying. The moment you decided to Cut your hair short. Tell me; Why You wear jackets in summer. Why you look nothing like Your parents. Why do You have the world tattooed on your neck? Tell me; Why you have goosebumps every time the words “ forever “ and “ always “ are uttered. Tell me; Why Most of your hair is grey when You’re only 23. Tell me; How You survived this damned life. How your scars were born. How Your lips curve every day. Tell me; I want to know Your story. #poetry #WordPorn #ReadwriteUnite #BymePoetry
I am a unique being born and raised in the roots of Africa, my culture and roots are proof of where I'm from, I'm not made in China. I AM PROUDLY AFRICAN!! A representation of my country, its war cry resides within me, my rainbow nation skin colour, the many stories about my beautiful country I have yet to tell in my head. -unknown #proudafrican #africa #love #poetry #dakar #senegal #senegalese #bighair #bigdreams #comingtoamerica #denver #colorado #model #selfie #bluelashes #curls #happy
i wish you could’ve been here for this sunset.
All those memories we made, me and him, are like nothing now. Sometimes I forget we were even together. I forget that once he was my favorite person for a while, at one point in time I appreciated every tiny little thing about him from his fingers to his nose to his toes. And it’s sad when I do think of him, it’s sad to remember that things really do fade away before you expect them to. It’s so sad to know that feelings aren’t always there forever. #poetry #relationships #sad #faded #memories #young #dumb #angsty #November #leaves #photography #lame #boys #feelings