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When you’re a daddy’s girl 🎀
My first #pnwgsdpack meet!!!!! Pretty sure mom was more excited than I was 🤷🏻‍♀️ @pnwgsdpack #pnwdogs
Mom and dad are home, and available to cuddle for the first time in weeks! Gonna get all the love I can... #pnwdogs #doodlesofinstagram #neverenoughlove
Neptune strikes again with a photo blooper. This is her attempt at being a gargoyle. * * * Then there’s Keira @theadventuresofkeira looking all pretty and smiley 😂 Neptune is definitely my awkward spirit animal. * We had our first attempted @woodlandcreatesco Model meetup! Want to join our weird clique? Grab a tag of your own! You can even use HEELERCREATE15 for a nice discount on your purchase 💸
Every time I post a picture of Chief in his Gentle Leader I get asked something along the lines of “why do you put that thing around his mouth” as if I’m doing something obscure or wrong. A Gentle Leader is just like a lead used for horses to walk them around. As a dog owner and someone who works with dogs daily- I HATE harnesses. I could go on about how much I hate them but basically, they’re the opposite of useful (unless they’re being used for hiking/safety reasons). Many people don’t realize how important touch and pressure is with dogs and pulling on a dogs chest (especially in moments of reactivity) can worsen things. Not to mention they practically encourage your dog to pull. Not bashing them or saying they don’t work for some people, but I see spastic dogs in them everyday yanking around their owners and it drives me crazy! A gentle leader doesn’t allow a dog to pull in the same way a harness could. However, as I begin to work more with a variety of devices I may transition to prong or e-collars as those are the most effective.
Harper, Sofie, and Mia here to remind everyone that we will be closing at 4pm this ✨Wednesday (11/22)✨ and we will not be open for any pick ups or drop offs on Thursday (11/23)🦃🐶🐾 Don’t forget to make your daycare reservations this week!✅ (Or let us know and we can do it for you😘😎)
I’m still posting Halloween photos because dogs in costumes should be a year round thing Location: Dog-O-Ween 2017
Happy 8th Birthday to Me!! I have the best family and friends in the world!! Thank you friends for sending me Birthday wishes! Love you all! I am one lucky dawg!! 😘💙🎂🐾 My Birthday bandana by @chipmunkcheekssewing #jaspers8thbirthday #luckydog #ilovemyfamily #ilovemyfriends #birthdaycake
🐶🍕Snuggling up to mom’s pizza 🤣 #ilikepizzatoo