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The largest fiddle leaf tree I have ever seen. So amazingly large I wanted to steal some & take it home. #fiddleleaffig #plantandflowerco #plantlyfe
My beautiful hydrangea is in full bloom! I like to think about how many different people have considered this hydrangea to belong to them. #plantlyfe #hydrangea
Wonderful stroll through Glasgow Botanic Gardens. #plantz #plantlyfe #neillwegians
My day was shining shining shining shining yaaaaaaaaa, like my face in this 1st pic 🌞✨ #plantlyfe #fam #outing #loveatfirstsight #philly #barbombon #japaneseshofusohouseandgarden #philadelphiamuseumofart #butmostofallfamily 💖
But where do you get your protein?!😱 That's the first question I get when someone finds out that I don't eat meat. And I get it. Marketing, media, food interest groups and some uneducated folks have spread the fallacy that meat is the only & best way to get protein. It's bullshit. . It's bullshit first & foremost because, without even getting into science, the bottom line is there is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fueling YOUR body. Period. . You can eat meat if you want to, but you don't HAVE to in order to get enough protein to fuel your body, to train for sports, build muscle, be lean, healthy and thrive. . As a competitive athlete, my #1 fear was muscle/strength loss if I stopped eating meat. I wanted to make the switch for a long time because my body no longer felt like it was thriving on a meat diet. But fear held me back. Until one day, my body had enough and felt so crappy I had to stop listening to everyone else, and find out what my body needed. . I didn't lose muscle, I gained it. And I gained strength. A lot of it. Yes, I know I don't look like a competitor right now, but that was a conscious choice I made in order to focus on some other health issues. And that's really what this all comes down to: CHOICE. . I'm not here to tell you to eat meat or not (I ain't yo mama!). I just want you to know you have choices. And sometimes you have to stop listening to the voices coming from all around you, and listen to the one within.💜 . If you think you might like to test-drive what it's like to not eat meat, it's not too late to join my free #meatless10 challenge. Starts Aug 23rd and it's gonna rock. Would love for you to join us!! Link in bio 👊🏼 ・・・ 📷: @buzzfeedtastyveg check out their feed for this recipe.
Interview Ready!!!! #Process Operator #PlantLyfe # HardworkPayoff # StayingPrayedUp #Offwiththedreads #grownmanshitt
Isn't nature a wonderful thing 🌿🌵🌱 #nature #naturalbynature #succulents #plantlyfe #naturalbeauty