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#puppykittenyoga is a thing...and it is glorious... ➡️swipe right for more cuteness #adoptdontshop @parlri @providencepoweryoga
In stuffed animal control news, another one bites the dust 😴 #hardwork
I swear I can still fit in brothers bed 🙄 #pittiesofinsta #pitbullpuppy
The group walk was canceled due to the rain but it ended up clearing up around noon so Matt and I took Stannis and Nina for a stroll in the cemetery. We're definitely taking advantage of the fact that people haven't started coming out for the nice weather yet. It was a great weekend for walking your hams!
Some things just fill your heart without trying.❤️
#WhyIAdopt ...um have you seen this face? That's why I adopt @huffpostpartnerstudio #oscar #pitbull #adoptdontshop
When you press your nose against glass & leave condensation. #takemewithmama #pittiesofinsta
TODAY is the last day of our fundraiser with @puppress! Don't forget to check out our April's Fundraising Partner, @puppress! They make adorably sweet cards and donate 30% of their proceeds to rescues and shelters. Shop here - https://puppress.com/
Handsome Titus has come so far in his recovery! Huge thanks to everyone who donated to his care and to his wonderful foster mom for taking such great care of him! Titus is great with dogs of all sizes and loves people. He is available for adoption in Southern California. To learn more please visit www.itsthepits.org
Meet Tango! Tango is a sweet and stocky pocket size pittie (50 to 55 pounds) and approx. 4 y/o. He enjoys walks, loves attention, hanging out with his humans and his stubby tail is always wagging. He is currently in a temp. foster home with several other dogs. Tango is in need of a more permanent foster in the San Diego or Riverside areas. He is available for adoption in Southern California. To learn more please visit www.itsthepits.org
That puppy run tho 😍
mom makes the best pillow
Before dogs I was insanely house proud. I now have a Staffie who smells due to her penchant for rolling in foul things in my clean bed and my first thought is to join her. 😂 Follow my feature page @rescue_factor #rescuefactor for a feature! 📸 Check out my friends @nikkis_regal_royals @sash_the_staff @annanemomissidepsi @tobythepitbull @doody_the_bull_terrier ( loves his special showers! 😂 ) #rescue #staffylove #dog #staffydaily #pitbulllife #dontbullymybreed #pitbull #pitbulladvocate #endbsl #pitbullsofinstagram #adoptdontshop #teamfloppyears #rescuedogs #rescuedogsofinstagram #instadog # #pittiesofinsta #ourpitpage #staffiesgram_ #spreadtherumer #dontbullymybully #proudpitbull_feature #dogsofinstagram
I caught her red eared
Typical Sunday morning...Chaos and Indigo are patiently waiting for a squirrel to run through the woods out back and Riot is acting like a little old man and being needy. 🙄
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Molly leads an incredibly difficult life. 💁🏻 #rubmybelly #woof
My mom has the best roommates because they take me on adventures while she's at work. 💕✨
BLISS. || noun. /blɪs/. Perfect happiness; great joy. #iLoveLucy
These two are my favorite 😍😍
When the roast beefs in the oven we tend to hang around in the kitchen😜
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This is Sal. He belongs to my aunt & uncle. Can you even deal with that underbite tho?? ❤️🐾
They've just opened a little dog park next to our house. It's just a small zone surounded by a fence with some trees insade but it's still enough for us. We went there today the first time and got to play with other puppys and now after some water we can finally sleep. Aramis loves to put his little face over our laps in this very comfortable kangaroo position. Athos sleeps usually by his own but we get some jelousy looks when we pet his brother to much. #pits #puppies #dogs #pets #pitbulllove #pitmixagram #pitbullgram #pittiesofinsta #insta_dogs #loveapibble #puppydog #playtime #sleeptime