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📷 by @caracita. Tag us in your #pitbull photos for a chance to be featured. #pitbullpictureproject
Careful! If you make that face for too long, it could get stuck that way! Follow @pitbullpictureproject. #pitbullpictureproject
What do you mean the photo shoot is over?!? #pitbullpictureproject
Say hi to Nana! Her and her pup friends participated in a Group Pet Photo Shoot Party. As the host, her Mom got her photo session for free. You can see a behind the scenes video of Nana’s photos shoot on our Facebook page. #pitbullpictureproject
Don’t you wish everyone was comfortable enough to do this with a pit bull? | 📷 by Wendy H. #pitbullpictureproject
HLTX Blue and His Owner
Marco is now even more full of ❤️! Also, don’t forget to follow @pitbullpictureproject to see photos of pit bulls from around the world. #pitbullpictureproject