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Don't you just hate #freakaccidents❓❗️❓I have a huge and swollen bruise on my forehead while making my daughter's bed, I bumped my head on the edge of the table! How #lovely 😩 #wtf #badday #accidentprone #haematoma #painful #shittymood #pissed
The local crazy woman was singing to us at 9 in the morning! I sang along of course as I was still pissed. The song by the way was 'You To Me Are Everything' by The Real Thing. #eddsstagdo #crazy #crazygirls #braless #youtomeareeverything #therealthing #bakewell #pissed #pink #realale #realaleholes
He keep spreading rumors about the other day dammit cant wait to slap him . #stupid #pissed #badmood #cantsleep
I received a message from my sister this morning. She was yelling at me because she believes that the way I think, like thinking that statues of racists are not a good thing, is the reason people officers were shot yesterday. She said I want this "war" "with every ounce of my being". I am pissed. You know what I want? Love, kindness, equality, understanding, empathy. These are the things I want. I don't want hate or violence. I want the opposite. I want something that doesn't exist yet. I don't want a police officer shot for no reason just like I don't want anyone else shot for no reason... you know, like skin color, perhaps? If my sister hadn't blocked me, I would have told her this, but the thing is, it wouldn't have done a damn bit of good, besides letting me get it off my chest. My sister and I will never agree, and this is more evident now than ever. I will keep working towards, and believing in the dream of love, kindness, equality, understanding, and empathy. So, for those of you who are struggling with family who takes your desire for these things as a desire for violence (however that happens), stand strong. They don't understand what's inside your head or your heart. If they did, the world would be far better than it is right now. . . . . #dream #love #kindness #equality #understanding #empathy #war #pissed #believe