#pissed 1.067M Posts

Ok S O.... #METOO the 10th degree right now! So I look like a hot post rehearsal mess. I come to my favorite local spot to enjoy some fries and an adult beverage before bed. But NO. Because a fella by the name of "Dimitri" decided to grace me with his presence. Encroached in my personal space, touching my stuff, breathing heavy on me and attempting to form a conversation around a book he couldn't even comprehend based on its title. "So why would someone need a book about men explaining things?" ... He continued to hit on me, while I sat in silence. Avoiding any awkwardness I politely turn down his phone number offer because I "have a boyfriend". He eventually after 5 excruciating minutes left. No I don't have a boyfriend, but god forbid a woman sits alone, reads a book and wants to just BE. He also felt the need to explain a much "better list of really great books". Yes all in 5 minutes.
Also, irrelevant, but since when was it "not cool" to inform someone they are being cheated on. Have them looking like a damn fool while others know and they waste their emotions and time on someone who aint shit. Oh sorry, "thats none of my business". Calling yourself a fuckin friend smh #pissed #mood #cheating #fakefriends #yallaintshit #shady #wtf #rant
Look at what my #sisters did to my #laptop . I am #pissed but I hope the #harddrive is ok 😱😱😱😱😑😑😑😠😠😠😑😑 the #time is fucking 4:30am in the morning and we just had a huge fight.
My instagram got hacked, sorry for anything that happened people. #pissed