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Oh deer ! We found pink Bambi yesterday while antique shopping 😍😍🦌🦌 #vintagefinds #japanvintage #pinkbambi #pinkdeer #ohdeer #prettyinpink #ceramicdeer #socute
#新谷良子 #pinkbambi CD予約&イベント参加権入手!
i'll probably do the face reveal tomorrow bc i look nasty rn :, #bambi #kpop #pink #paris #pinkbambi #aesthetic #l4l
my boyfriend is so cute i'm so
GUYS I'M SO SORRY FOR NOT POSTING I WAS IN HAWAII ON VACATION q: last show you watched? a: i'm binging pll right now
Now you see me, now you don't 😮 #pinkbambi #youcantseeme
Pensar es fácil, lo difícil es actuar 🍥 -L🌙
what's your hardest subject? mine is english :/
what grade are you in? i'm in 9th 🌹
i'm trashy but idc
Uma florzinha de doces pra vcs meus amores ♥ #boatarde . . . #inxtalove #vsco #aestheticpink #pinkbambi #feedroses #rose #pinkquartz
tag your bff 😇 @ghostlcrd
what color eyes do you have? ✨
i haven't swam in the ocean in awhile rip
hickies are weird. have you ever gotten any or given any?
this user enjoys sleeping more than existing
gn guys q: are you proud of your butt? a: if i'm being honest,,,, hella
i suck at captions 😩
almost done with my workout 🙈
i'm sorry in advance 🙄
i'm watching 13 reasons why and its so good omg
i might not be that active because i'm going through a lot right now :( q: have you ever had your heart broken? a: yes :((
i ate all vegan today for the first time in my life 🌹
nanaba from attack on titan is so pretty q: if you had to wear crocs or those fboy slippers for the rest of your life which would you choose? a: crocs
sorry for not posting guys!!!! q: old rodrick or new rodrick? a: #notmyrodrick
hihi sorry i'm bad at posting and i'm not gonna do appreciation of the post anymore bc i don't rlly want to lmao q: what's your name, pronouns, and a fact about you? a: rin, any pronouns are ok, and when i was a little kid i wanted to be murdered and be famous for being dead
let me know if you want to do sfs appreciation of the post: stars q: what's a place you want to travel? a: paris
appreciation of the post: saint motel!!!! i stan them so much q: rate your day on a scale of 1-10 a:6
appreciation of the post: tea q: favorite show? a: parks and rec
appreciation of the post: cake q: do you want tattoos? a: yes
appreciation of the post: the outsiders q: what's one thing you want to do when you're older? a: get tattoos to cover up bad memories
appreciation of the post: quesadillas q: problematic opinion? a: chocolate ice cream is awful and yellow starburst are good
appreciation of the post: erwin smith for being beautiful q: favorite show? a: parks and rec
appreciation of the post: this kid at my school that made a bee movie crown what an icon q: i'm too lazy to think of a proper question so just rant in the comments