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Pride Toronto '17.
Traveling and exploring new surroundings is truly an invaluable experience. There's not much that I think can enrich you more as a person...except maybe being able to share, express, and experience those moments with someone close to you. Words, even pictures and film, cannot fully convey the magnificence and wonder of places like these...it has to be seen in person. So far, my journey through Central America, with its challenges, its triumphs, and its sheer wonder, is made that much more amazing by the fact that I am able to share it with Nicole. When you travel next, think about taking someone close to you - someone to share and appreciate all the wonders you will experience. #tortadequeso #doitforthelittlehearts
|| major or minor, either way, step out ||
Had the honor of shooting the engagement moments of two of the most incredible people this weekend! And boy did they get a special moment in time. Pretty sure time actually stopped. 😍✨🙌🏻