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10|07|16 ◯
Hey, I just created thisFB group called "knit crochet weave repeat" 😁If you are in the situation similar to mine where your most FB friends and your family don't care about fibre crafts, then feel free to join the group and post your WIPs, FOs, Hos, project plans& ideas. 😊These days I feel like I don't see most of IG posts unless I go to everyone's IG pages and realized " I have not seen this post" Now instead I get tons of sponsored posts on my feeds 😒Anyone is welcome and i prefer FB that I get notifications when people want to communicate with me. #handdrawnyarn
Grabbin' the go-juice 👹 LA bound!! @voodoodoughnut thanks for the saucy little sticker haha
[current status] 🙈🙌🏼😍💝🌲☀️🏔🇨🇦 #happyplace #currentstatus #adventuretime
heyyyy what do y'all think of this? leave some feedback and ill show some love to your account!🌹