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this mango milk drink is probably one of the best drinks in my school canteen. it is cheap, yet tasty.
I swear my friend's mom makes the cutest meals.
I really liked how the Sun caught the paper.
this was over a year ago. I was standing on the top floor of my old residence, taking in the raw beauty of the place I grew up in for the last time: Whampoa Drive. I was moving to a new place, and I had mixed feelings about it. my childhood best friend lived there. I spent my leisure time as a child frequenting the playgrounds there. my primary school was near there. I had my best walks in the parks there. I made many mistakes and learned from them there. I grew up there. to leave Whampoa, was to leave all that behind. how devastating, I thought. a side of me wanted to leave everything behind and start anew. Whampoa Drive is nevertheless still riddled with unspeakable bad memories. the other whispered reminders of all the irreplaceable memories I had in this neighbourhood. somehow, all my confusion evaporated when I saw this sight before me, it put my heart in place. I realised: wherever I move, I'm still going to see the same sunset. wherever I go, Whampoa Drive will still stay in me. with that, I was content. I took one last picture, packed up, and left.
'all these years I kept my true nature hidden, running along like a small shadow so nobody could catch me.': you've no idea how much I related to this statement, when I read it in my Literature book 2 years back. the reason why it resonated so strongly was because for most of my life, I've been pressured to be who I am not; saying things I'd rather not, dressing a certain way, behaving in a specific manner to be accepted and not seem like an oddball. to be frank, I still struggle being true to myself around more people, but I've been making progress. and I'm real proud of that. although I've grown to slightly resent that book (Joy Luck Club) due to how many times I had to study it, it will always remain a fond memory of my secondary school years.
I once read a book that said there's another world right in a drop of water alone. there's much that I don't know indeed, but that hypothetical world has been a vital sustenance of everything I cherished and loved, including myself. and I'm very grateful for that.
// you know i think you're awesome right?
// i'm shining like fireworks over your sad empty town🎆
// to be free, is to have no fear💫
Cows matter too
// not really a sunset but i liked this🌊
Yellow Flowers 🌺 Canon EOS 1300D 📸 #photography #summer #flowers #photography #photographyacc #yellow