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Chasing dreams ||
"I dreamed a dream" Domingo 24 de Septiembre, Madrid. Una congregación solidaria de ciudadanos mejicanos se reúne en la puerta de Sol para recaudar dinero en favor de las víctimas del terremoto. Realizan actos propios de su cultura como bailes y cantos regionales. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sunday 24th of September, Madrid. A solidarity congregation of Mexican citizens gather at Puerta del Sol to raise money for the victims of the earthquake. They perform typical acts of their culture as dances and regional songs. #mexico #prayformexico #madrid
⠀ Lætitia Tamko aka @vagabonvagabon is one of the most passionate songwriters I've seen in a while. From last night at Holocene. 🎙 ⠀ ⠀⠀ —————————————————— ⠀ Shot for @vrtxmag
@tundabolt was one of the first cosplayers to work with me back when I had no clue what I was doing 😂 now some of my favorite portrait shots have been with her
Ha when I shaved my head 🤣 @officialcatch #35mmfilm
Never fear your fire. Model: @amber.brilliant
From the great @scooter_rsherbert44 haha he's my uncle so I have to tease him! But honestly one of my biggest inspirations in photography. His time was barely before Instagram so most of his amazing photos are printed and in the homes of all our extended family! But check out his page and give him a follow! ———————————————————————————— #grand #grandteton #tetoncollective #alterview #photo_collective #gramslayers #lens_lovers_united
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