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This May Be US For Thanksgiving Morning ‼️‼️❤️🥊💦🤞🙏
All of these foods are fantastic for your immune system!
Everyone who has ever really known Jesus by faith has first known helplessness. We once lay beside the road and hoped someone would stop. He did. He was our good neighbor. By God's design, this should have been the beginning of compassion for us - we don't just become merciful by thinking of others in need, we become merciful by experiencing mercy. When Jesus spared us, He gave us a sobering command: "Go and do likewise" (v. 37). The Samaritan in this story looks a lot like Jesus. So should we. #TheForum #GWC #GraceWalkChurch #Millennials #ForChrist #ChallengingEachOther #GrowingTogether #Worship #PhoenixAZ #Arizona
When you start cutting and realize you forgot to take your before picture 😂😂 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ Swipe to see her end result. We cut off about 6 inches and refreshed her color.
The joy of the holidays is upon us! 🎉 As we breakout the goodies, here's a friendly reminder of what NOT to give your #firbabies 🐶 #happythanksgiving
This house seems like it would be straight out of an episode of mtv cribs! WOW! 10,000+ sq ft garage and a beach themes backyard with cabana’s and sand! That’s not even mentioning the huge home itself or the Vegas themed game room!! 🏡📸🎥🌵 📍 37315 N 24th St Phoenix, AZ 85086 🔶 arizonalistingpros.com Photography 📷 Video 🎥 Aerials 🛰 🔶
** ANNOUNCEMENT ** // I’m now a ambassador for the incredible company @fnx_fit! Crossfit Games athlete Margaux Alvarez @321gaux reached out to me the other day asking if I wanted to join the team and I couldn’t reaaalllyyy say no to that. The FNX brand has a commitment not only to quality products and ingredients, but are on a mission to change the world. A portion of each purchase of their products will go to helping build clean water wells in Ghana, Africa. FNX is based out of Phoenix but also uses the Phoenix as their logo symbol to symbolize “resurrecting” a better, healthier, more powerful version of yourself. This is a company I can definitely stand behind and it will be super cool to be working alongside some of the biggest names in the game. So next time you’re needing a re-stock on protein, preworkout, or any other supplements, hit yo girl up!! 15% off every purchase with the code “EMILYFNX25.”
I have a story for you...Once upon a time, @schuylersamperton, of @schuylersampertontextiles had me make her a skirt. She wore it to the opening of the @jamesshowroom in Dallas. People went bananas. They thought she looked like a beautiful princess. And then BEST part was....she FELT like one!
We just helped our buyer client close on this luxury TW Lewis home in Power Ranch and beat out multiple offers....best part, it appraised well over sales price! Contact us today if you anyone looking to buy/sell in the Phoenix Valley! ________________________________________________ #PowerRanch #GilbertAZ #TWLewis #PowerRanchHomes #GilbertHomes #GilbertRealtor #PhoenixAZ #PhoenixHomes #Grind #Hustle #entrepreneur #hardwork #workhard #invest #investments #IGersPHX #InstaGramAZ #Money #Millions #RealEstate #Realtor #KW #KellerWilliams
S H O P W I T H US. December 3rd. Swipe for details ✨ #BarMethod
° What a fun night on Saturday! Jaden Smith, blackbear, and of course the boys of Fall Out Boy! 🙏💜🙏 Started with the nosebleeds, AND WORKED OUR WAY DOWN TO THE FLOOR! Happy early birthday to the most epic pal anyone could ask for! SINCE 4TH GRADE GUYS! And now we're both working on that ripe age of 23. 😂 Next step is meet & greet, right? XD ° [ #FallOutBoy #TheManiaTour #PhoenixAz #JadenSmith #Blackbear #Concert #FloorSeatsBitches #Emo4Life ]
Marana Auto Body _ _ _ I decided to go to Marana Auto and Body after my car got hit. I figured it's in my home town and they'd get the job done accurately. As far as the the dents went they did get them out. However I did not know there was a price to that. After the the dents were taken out of the left side of my car where the dens were, my window stopped working. I took it back so they could fix what was originally not broken I told them "the right side of my cars back window doesn't work but that's okay just leave it" they did fix the left side although it sounds like there's sand or something every time I roll it up or down and sometimes it doesn't work at all. I have to mess with the button for about 2min for it to work. That's not all. I assumed every thing was finally finished with my car, next thing I know I open the right door and it creeks as if it got hit or something. I was upset but glad that that's all it was. Unfortannitly it was not. Some how my handle in my car got really broken as well take in mind it's on the door I told them NOT to touch. So... I go back again. The guy says look I fixed it. Tried to shove the plastic from the door in I said "seriously that's it You're not going to fix the rest?" Then he said "alright leave your car hear I'll add oil to your doors to stop the creeking come back for it later." When I go to pick it up he said he had "fixed it in 5min" while my car was there for 5hrs!! but he "didn't call because he figured I was busy." I told him "he never fixed the door where the handle is" and he said "it's okay". Long story short my vehicle came out worse than it went in. Disappointed because this is my vehicle and my only way of transportation. I was trusting to have my car taken care of... that I and Geiko payed for. #maranaautobody #maranaaz #az #marana #autobody #automotive #cars #car #vehicle #carsofinstagram #tucson #tucsonaz #florence #gilbert #redrockaz #phoenixaz #geico #geicoinsurance #casagrandaz #casagrand #repairshop #repair #resortations #dailystar #custompaint #graphics #insurance #rentalcar #warrantyrepairs #warranty
Thanks to everyone who came out for Ramen night and made it a huge success! REMINDER: we will be closing early on Wednesday November 22nd and CLOSED on Thursday November 23rd in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. Thank you for being the best community to Worth! 📷: @mark_lip_chin_ski
And all at once it’s 2014, Niall is singing One Direction’s Fool’s Gold and all is well. ✨✨✨ Also, Niall said PHX was the best gig throughout the tour. He may say that for every city but he said no lie and I trust him !!! 😂😂😂 # #niallhoran #phoenixaz