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i wanna find jumpers before school starts but its summer and i cAnt fiNd niCe oNes --- tags (ノ ᐛ )ノ*:・゚✧ #danielhowell #danhowell #phillester #phan #danisnotonfire #amazingphil #phandom #dilhowlter #tabithahowlter #dabhowlter #youtube #youtuber #youtubers
well i have a bronchial condition where i have lung spasms that cause my chronic coughing and wheezing so now i have an inhaler/breathing machine. kill me 😑
as I stressed so much about my state exams I should tell you guys that I'm really happy with how I did! I was nervous about getting above an 85 but managed to pull it off, so I won't have to retake those classes again next year. I have 1.5 days of school left and I'm not stressed about school at all right now.
he looks like a video game dad
So my mom gave me a shit ton of chores this morning although I have so much summer work due this week and she is now pissed at me because I didn't do her chores the way she wants them done. Like serious. I have other responsibilities I need to do. If she would like me to actually graduate this year she needs to learn that I have better things to do than to polish every single piece of glass in the house [tags; #danandphil #danandphilgames #phillester #danielhowell #amazingphil #danandphilcrafts #phan #phandom]