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"Two major earthquakes have rattled Mexico over the past two weeks, with the latest one striking on Tuesday, September 19, precisely on the anniversary of Mexico City's 1985 earthquake, which brought an estimated death toll figure of 10,000. Tuesday's 7.1 magnitude shock brought down power lines and leveled buildings including offices and homes. Rescue workers and civilians are working around the clock to look for victims trapped beneath the rubble. Pets are being rescued too. Dogs, cats, and other pets are frightened by the continued aftershocks and the general upheaval of their daily routine. Many of them are lost, wandering aimlessly and in danger. Although there are local organizations providing aid, most of them are in Spanish, and we haven't found a reliable relief fund for pets that can accept international donations. Instead of waiting, we decided to create a YouCaring Fundraiser. The money raised will be donated to search and rescue efforts, to help shelters get the necessary supplies to manage the unprecedented amount of displaced pets, and to help our little buddies get through this crisis. We want to start helping before it's too late. Please share and spread this message as much as you possibly can. Thank you." - Comrade (the human) • "We're all in this together, guys! ❤️" - Sinatra (the dog) _____________________________________________ 📲: youcaring.com/alfrescodog (Link in bio) 📢: @semar_mx #️⃣: #prayformexico
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Please remember not to only pray for our family and friends but pray for that pets the pets that bring is unconditional love the pets that make us happy the pets that make us laugh the pets that bring that smile to your face they are affected as well #k9obediencetraining #k9expressspecialist #k9prodogtrain #pet #pets #petsofinstagram #petlovers #petloversclub #animals #animal #animallovers #animalloverclub #animalsofinstagram #dog #dogs #dogsofinstgram #doglovers #dogloversclub #furryfriends #ilovemyjob #ilovemydog