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Fingerprints carp #39 #carp #carpe #personalproject 22.11.2017 ~Un jour une Carpe~
Inside Out (2017 Sara Abraham) #personalproject #photography #filmsnotdead
May you never be too grown-up to search the skies on Christmas Eve ❤️ #personalproject #myloves #NFPversion
Tossback Tuesday. Dragon's Spine, White Pocket, Vermillion Cliffs National Monument. I visited and photographed this geological wonder back in February, 2014, when my photography consisted of mostly passion projects, road trips to capture landscapes, and some occasional weekend warrior gigs. White Pocket was a mystical place that was a journey to fulfill one of my goals. Since that trip, Laura and I are so grateful and love how our photography has expanded in so many skills and broadened in horizons as to business and marketing. Being a successful business is so gratifying but personal projects are a must to feed ones soul and to keep alive the fire that fuels ones purpose. My photography skill sets have grown so much, yet I've felt the itch to make a visit back to this place to apply my evolved photo skills. Thinking about a springtime visit back there to see what I can capture and absorb from this magical place. #whitepocket #landscapephotography #followyourpassion #personalproject #dragonsspine #naturalwonder #sunriseshot #mysticalplace #desertphotography #vermillioncliffs #protectyourpurpose #pursueyourpassion #beawesome
YesNo series n03🔻
Prepping for my very own #documentarydecember where I post a doc a day and talk about each. The main posts will be on Facebook but it’ll post here too. #documentary #personalproject #somuchtodo #savetheworld
#DailySketch 75 - no touchy (Reference is a photo of Naressa Valdez / @pizzapizza_nisa )
Kollam. Whilst taking this shot I was precariously balanced on a wooden slat about 6inches wide. Normally that wouldn't be an issue. But on this particular day the monsoon rains had just paid their daily visit and I was, in hindsight, stupidly wearing a pair of flip flops. Moments later I slipped into the neighbouring trough. The fishermen were horrified and rushed to help the silly Englishman. The smell of eviscerated fish lingered on me for days. #fishermen #bestdayever #india #documentary #personalproject #smellsfishy
Calc midterm: done. 🎊 Now to take some time to contemplate life and the changes I envision for my own. Holiday breaks are a really great time to stop and take stock of where we are at now, where we were before, and where we would like to be. I'm reading #thelifechangingmagicoftidyingup over the next few days. 📖 ...While I often spend time thinking about what I need to let go of and how best to create what I want for my life (and my son's), I tend to neglect physical changes. It is refreshing to release the clutter and "stuff" I have allowed to collect in my life. And not lacking in symbolism, either. 😉 The author, Marie Kondo, points to "tidying" (which is largely just letting go of the useless) as an act that reinforces great personal changes. I agree with her sentiment, which is why I picked up her book. Besides, I have to make a home for all of my new textbooks and project notes, anyway. 🎶
Our annual calendar arrived today!!! Thanks to 8 very kind Mothers:- Begoña Ibáñez Julia López Toñi Conde Brígida López Irene Rubio Gómez Juani Moral Beatriz Morillas Isa Ramírez This year's #personalproject students will be selling them around the school, and we also have some in Infants. All proceeds go to Siyakula Preschool and Nursery Summer Camp, that we will be financing. This will be the first time the school will open for the first 2 weeks of December. Remember....it's summer time down in the Southern Hemisphere. 🌍☀️ #calendar #proceeds #kindness #mothers #sponsors @bigmat_ibanez
Luis, sitting on Bloodbuzz (left), converses with his friends before riding in the Charreada on Sunday / San Antonio, TX