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These cold nights are purrrfect for snuggles. The humans can get snuggly too in this super warm and comfy kitty sweatshirt from @shopsugarreign! Use code TINKERBELL for 10% off yours!
I looked at my #2017bestnine and I have to say, you all know a good picture of me when you see it! I’m not sure how to feel about the fact that Annie has infiltrated the top two spots, but I guess it’s age before beauty sometimes... 😹 thanks for all of the love in 2017, friends! We love you! ❤️
We all have our own unique ways of celebrating #tacotonguetuesday...
Look what we got today! Some beautiful holiday cards from our lovely gal pals @miss_bunny_mcdougal and @annie_fierce! I was feeling so festive after receiving these that I sort of tolerated the human putting this hat and scarf on me... sort of 😹 thank you for thinking of us, sweet friends! 🎄 We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!
Someone had 💩 on their booty and tried to get in bed around midnight last night to snuggle? Really? Who could that be?
Do you ever wake up and think “today is the day I whack the lamp for no reason!” No? Just me?
#Caturdaynightderpoff? As if! I never derp! I am much too - WAIT, where did you get that photo?!
Starting my #Caturday off right!
If I don’t make eye contact, she won’t notice I’m on the counter...
My biscuits bring all the kneads to the bed and I’m like you better stay home 🎶 how can the human pawsibly go to work when I’m doing this?!
The human tried to take holiday photos with us. I obviously do not approve 😾 #SOS
Finishing up this #tacotonguetuesday with a nice bath! It’d be nicer if the human wasn’t always documenting my every move...
Giving Monday the dirtiest look I can muster this morning! Get out of here! Bring back Caturday!
The human moved a cat tree so that I have easy counter access. At least I’m pretty sure that’s why. Ask me if I’m doing anything wrong and I’ll say, “nooo!”
We are having a showdown! Annie doesn’t seem to realize it though 😹
This is an art piece titled “that one time Tinkerbell thought the human’s phone looked delicious.”
I have a very busy Caturday planned. Nap 1, breakfast, nap 2, treats, nap 3, dinner, nap 4, snuggles... I don’t know how I’m going to fit it all into my hectic schedule!
Oh my goodness! Can you believe I got a Christmas card from my handsome fluffy friend @vino_the_persian?! I am the luckiest kitty! Thanks for thinking of us, buddy! ❤️
It’s December! The human won’t be sending holiday cards this year (ugh, humans) but here are some pictures of me grumpily wearing reindeer antlers instead!
Why are you addressing me before it’s Caturday? Please stop. It’s nap time.
I was giving the human orders today and I don’t think she was even writing them down! Sometimes I almost feel like these humans don’t even speak cat...
Nope, you still can’t build this bookshelf. It’s not going to happen for you, lady!
Um, hello? Is this account called himalayan_anastasia? No? Oh, okay. I was confused because she’s all we seem to be featuring recently 😾 human, do better, or else! The princess has spoken! 👑
What’s that? You need to open this box so you can build this bookshelf? It’s too bad that I’m sitting on it and ignoring you, then...
The human just got home. Annie, what are you doing?! We’re supposed to be giving her the silent treatment! Ugh.
Do you think I can trick my pet sitter into giving me extra treats? 😈 and Anastasia too, I guess...
Can you believe some humans? This lady hung out with a dog all day yesterday and today she’s going to a wedding in Arizona. The nerve! Why don’t I get to go on a trip to somewhere sunny and warm?! She’s lucky she gave me lots of snuggles this morning...
Happy thanksgiving to our wonderful friends! We are grateful for you today and every day!
You don’t really want to go to work today, do you? Why don’t you just stay home and snuggle with me?
Someone shimmied their way into a TV box? Weird! It definitely wasn’t me!
Sunday morning snooziness: a progression.
It’s time for the #caturdaynightderpoff and I am SO ready! Two of these catnip bananas and I’m ready to derp the night away!
Uh, aren’t you going to work? The backpack and I like to spend Friday mornings snuggling and we’d appreciate some privacy!
Ooh, a @sephora bag! What’d you get me?! ...what do you mean, nothing? 😿
When it’s almost 6:30 am and you haven’t had breakfast #1 yet, do the following: 1) Stare at your human. 2) Purr loudly. 3) Do a squeaky meow. 4) Ignore them completely. One of these is bound to work!
Earth to human? Hello? It’s almost 10 pm and this is the first time you’ve posted on my Instagram account all day. This is unacceptable. If you keep this up, I’m going to be forced to get a new social media manager! Get it together, lady.
I want to stare down the camera but I’m suddenly feeling very sleepy... (🔊 up for purrs!)
I decided that you all were right; this pumpkin is okay here for now. In fact, I like to hang out by it. I think it matches my aesthetic!
I heard that my friends @sophie_persian and @miss_bunny_mcdougal were doing #meowgamonday so I thought I’d join in! This is a very advanced pose, the downward facing cat. Don’t attempt if you’re a meowga beginner! 😹
Sunday mornings are for lounging on blankets you’ve covered with your fur! (In terms of my aesthetics, could someone please get this human another bookshelf? It’s getting embarrassing! 😹)
Our friends at @chewy sent the human this 365 cats calendar for 2018! She likes to have one of these types of calendars on her desk at work, so she was excited to get it. After flipping through it briefly, it looks great. Adorable rescue kitties, cat trivia, blank back pages for notes (so you’re not just throwing the page away when you’re done with it). As you can see, I’m not impressed, but I’m also a cat and don’t really understand time or calendars, even if they’re caTlendars. The human is excited to use it in January! Thanks, Chewy! ***Disclaimer: I received this sample free of charge from @chewy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was given to me except this product.*** #persian_tinkerbell #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #flatface #persiancat #persiancatsofinstagram #dollface #smushface #catstagram #coi #instagramcats #cats_of_instagram #coicommunity #kitty #meow #dailydoseofcute #caturday365 #instacat #prettykitty #rescue #adoptdontshop #adorable #cute #catoftheday #ilovemycat #fluffy #chewyinfluencer #catvideo
Showdown for the couch, featuring my best tail swat moves!
Quick, look away from the camera! Don’t look at it no matter what, Annie!
Our friends at @chewy sent us these @furminator_inc Shed Control Cloths to try. We have a couple of furminator brushes and love them, so we were excited to try these! Unfortunately, they weren’t our favorite product. First, they’re wet, so neither kitty was too jazzed about these being used. Both kitties tried to run away from them! Once the human wrangled a kitty and tried to use it, she found that they didn’t collect very much hair at all, so it didn’t feel like it was worth putting the kitties through it. We probably won’t be using these again, at least not on the kitties ( @vino_the_persian suggested the furniture, which we will try!) but we will absolutely be using our trusty furminator brushes! ***Disclaimer: I received this sample free of charge from @chewy in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. No other compensation was given to me except this product.*** #persian_tinkerbell #cat #cats #catsofinstagram #flatface #persiancat #persiancatsofinstagram #dollface #smushface #catstagram #coi #instagramcats #cats_of_instagram #coicommunity #kitty #meow #dailydoseofcute #caturday365 #instacat #prettykitty #rescue #adoptdontshop #adorable #cute #catoftheday #ilovemycat #fluffy #chewyinfluencer
In bed with the human this morning, getting pets, purring, and drooling everywhere! The video quality isn’t great but the fact that you can see me drooling makes it worth posting 😹
Our grandma sent the human this a bit ago. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. It’s pretty adorable, and I’m the only one that’s allowed to be adorable around here! (And Annie sometimes too, I guess...)
It snowed outside. Don’t you think it’s time to get rid of this pumpkin? I’ll just be sitting here and judging you until you do.
You’re going to work? But it’s a snowy, icky Monday! Are you sure about this?
Spending a snowy Sunday snuggling!
It’s tough being a fierce, independent cat who doesn’t need a human to get the blanket monsters for you 💪🏻
Looking out at the snow. The human can’t believe we already have this much at the beginning of November!
Um, hi. It’s almost 10:30 and you haven’t fed us yet. I’ve been staring and purring aggressively at you for hours, maybe take the hint? Is it even #Caturday?!
Humom says that these pictures may not seem like much, but they’re basically the equivalent of Christmas morning! For as long as she’s known me, I have made it very clear that I’m NOT a lap cat. You can put me on your lap and I’ll act like I don’t mind, but the second you’re not holding me, I’ll bolt. Not only that, but I don’t want to do anything related to touching you other than occasionally snuggling up next to you. Humom has a big day at work tomorrow and has been pretty tired and stressed out about it this week, so she went to bed early. Imagine her surprise when she woke up in the middle of the night and felt a weird pressure on her legs - I was sleeping and purring on top of her! I have never done this before. The human says she feels so honored to be getting Tinkerbell snuggles - I say humans are sure weird and easy to please!
The human says it’s not October anymore and we have to think about putting the Halloween things away. What nerve! Better enjoy this while I can...
Boo to my human for opening this package after Halloween... but yay to @chewy for being so sweet and thoughtful! This was such a wonderful and unexpected Halloween surprise. Thank you so much, Chewy wow team! ❤️
When you see someone you know but you haven’t mentally prepared yourself for the interaction and try to pretend like you didn’t see them.
Happy Halloween from the scariest lion you’ve ever seen! Roar!!!