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Going on walks are my favorite!! Im still learning to not bark at other dogs 🐾 but my sister always has my back! πŸžπŸ‘ #corgitime #corgiplanet #corgination #corgisofinstagram #peppertreepembrokes #corgipuppy #corgiwalks #corgisrule
After a horrible scare yesterday Paisley is doing well. To anyone who thinks raising healthy puppies is easy. I challenge you to try and raise a healthy litter in a reputable way. Raising healthy puppies is a full time job. I have never worked so hard in my life as I have raising dogs. The time, heart and finical commitment that goes with raising healthy puppies is mind blowing. June's litter was conceived by AI. I drove her 4 times to the canine kyro bank a hour from our home at 8 am in traffic to have her progesterone tested as the owner of the stud I was breeding her to would not AI her until she was within 12 hours of ovulation. As soon as she was ready I drove her from San Diego to Lake Tahoe and stayed for 4 days (with kids) while she was bred. Her first ultrasound at 30 days showed no heartbeats so we thought she didn't take. Our family already had a two week road trip planned so I decided to X-Ray her early at 46 days to make sure she wasn't pregnant as I would be coming back from vacation the week she would be due. She was in fact pregnant. Which means I now had to leave her with a friend experienced in whelping Corgi's while we were gone. I worried about her our whole trip and thank goodness she waited for me to get home before she came into labor. June came into labor on the 4th of July when our repro vet was out of town. I rushed her to the emergency clinic where they preformed a c-section. Praise God all 3 pups and June lived. I spent my 4th of July sitting in a vet office away from my family and friends waiting on June and her pups. June recovered well and the pups thrived. A day before the pups were two weeks ago a freak accident almost took Paisley from us. She now seems to be doing okay and hopefully will be 100% in a few days. I'm writing you all this book because I think it's important clients and non breeders understand what goes into being a reputable breeder. It's not only a hobby, it's a life style. Our dogs, puppies and clients come before almost everything else in our life. The heart we have into each and every puppy whether the puppy was born in our home or the home of a friend or partner is huge. #peppertreepembrokes #corgi
Roll count! Who's planning on coming to our Pepper Tree beach day this up coming Saturday? #peppertreepembrokes #corgi #dogbeach
I found myself a nice little spot to hang out while moma prints a new lease and dadda studies. Big changes are coming to me and Sierra! #corgi #corgicrazy #corgilife #peppertreepembrokes #corgisofinstagram #corgination #corgiplanet #corgitime
With all the moving and traveling my family has been doing lately I've become an excellent traveler! Right now I'm staying with Mommy's parents and soon ill go back to stay with my sister and other cousins! I've also improved with barking at fellow dogs when on walks! 🐾 stay tuned for family hang outs coming soon!! #corgipuppy #corgiplanet #corgination #corgisofinstagram #peppertreepembrokes #corgilife #corgicrazy #corgicarride