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Only 1 more week at my current job then I get to start my new job next Monday! Cheers to new adventures!
It was cold, damp and beautiful. We shivered as we prepared the morning cup of tea, huddling and almost touching the hot pot on the very noisy primus stove. Anyone who owns a primus knows how noisy it can be, yet this time it was not able to break the serene silence of the place. The fog was pervasive and persistent, refusing to let the warmth of the rays pass through. We played for time. Yet, we wanted it to be forever. Eden Cove, Day 3 of the Timberline trail, Oregon.
One of my biggest frustrations/ insecurities that I've had to fight, to put it blatantly, is that I have no clue where the eff my life is headed. Society puts so much pressure on young adults to "figure their shit out" immediately after graduating. In most cases if you don't choose your career path within a few years, you are viewed by a large majority as someone who is "waisting their time" or "going nowhere." This is something that conceded with me for quite some time. And still does to some extent. Regardless of how confident I am in my decisions, its still unnerving to move forward with no security. But what value does a good career have if it's not one you are undoubtedly passionate about? We're talking about something that you are going to invest the majority of your time into for what could be the majority of your life. The thought of spending the only life I get doing something I don't love, scares me more than living a life with some uncertainty. I say some, because I am certain that I will find a way to make successful living through diving head deep into the things that I am most passionate about. I am chasing the flame that ignites my soul, and I think everyone should too. I'm not saying you should run away to the mountains (although I highly recommend it.) I'm saying whatever it is that YOU lose yourself in, where time becomes irrelevant and your heart feels fuller... whatever it may be, do that. And keep doing your thing with every ounce of effort you have. And decades down the road we can look back and truly say "I lived my life to the fullest." That to me is undoubtedly the ultimate success.
Descending back down Kakepuku, a historical mountain that once served as a pa site. #nature hiking #kakepuku #waipa #hamiltonwaikato #newzealand
The mountains are our fave thing about Hawaii! What’s your favorite thing? #smithstrips
It took 185 million years to look this good! The Jurassic Coast | Dorset, UK. For full version, the link to my YouTube Channel is in my profile. . . @jurassic_coast @jurassiccoastofficial @jurassicmags @visitdorsetofficial @exploredorset @dramaticdorset @visitengland @whyihike @hike.vibes @peoplewhohike @kathmandugear @southwestcoastpath