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THIS was freakin DELISH!!! 🙌🏻🙌🏻❤️ Out of my freezer came 2 frozen #freerange chicken breasts, a giant iced cube of #broth, then to that I added #fresh garlic, jalapeño, spices &HSS.... Some sliced and spiralised zucchini... Served atop a mountain of mixed leaves sprinkled with probiotics and HSS... Finished with some ACV... Honestly, HEAVEN!! So so yummy!! Of course followed by a generous serve of berries! #nomnom What have you nourished your cells with today? Lotsa love ❤️
Kehamilan bukan saja mengenai perjalanan sembilan bulan yang menyenangkan akan tetapi juga perjalanan dalam persiapan kehamilan yang harus dipersiapkan. Modal utama yang tidak kalah penting dalam mempersiapkan kehamilan adalah asupan nutrisi yang mencukupi kebutuhan calon ibu hamil. Hal ini dikarenakan pada minggu pertama terjadinya pertumbuhan organ vital pada bayi dan ibu harus dapat mendukung nutrisi tersebut. Sesuai dengan panduan, ibu hamil dapat mengkonsumsi makanan yang bervariasi dengan kandungan karbohidrat, protein, lemak yang disesuaikan dengan kecukupan gizi harian calon ibu hamil. Selain itu perhatikan pula kebutuhan nutrisi lain yang sering kali terlupakan oleh ibu hamil. PROGRAM HAMIL ---------------------------------------- ️✔ contact person : 👉PIN BBM D9F7343D 👉WA +6285855709272
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Promo hari sabtu!! . Percuma utk mereka yang ade masalah keputihan . Pad herba yang sangat menyamankan dan merawat keputihan serta menghilangkan bau yang tidak menyenangkan . PM skng sblm promo tamat 0124099796
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I didn't feel like eating leftovers for lunch yesterday, so I just made a couple of eggs with avocado. 🥑 🍳
Tidak kah rindu kehadiran sang buah hati , mau sampai kapan untuk menunda datangnya sang buah hati kehamilan itu dijemput bundaa bukan hanya di dalam angan saja bundaa usaha tidak menghianati hasil butuh temen curhat? butuh solusi? insya allah kami bisa membantu silakan hubungi kontak kami BBM : D386ADC8 WA : 085852103761 #kehamilanakurat #miom #kista #haidtidakteratur #keputihan #pcos #keguguran #tespeck #klinikbundahamil #hamilholistic #tubafallopi #ivf_morulapadang #ivf_morulamedan #ivf_morulajakarta #ivf_morulabogor #ivf_morulapelembang #ivf_morulajakarta #ivf_morulabekasi #tipskehamilan #infokehamilan #kehamilansehat #ibuhamil
💥Sara said: "These are my personal results from using Monat. I have been using the products for about a month and a half. I DO NOT strictly just use the IRT shampoo. I switch through the volume system, 2in1, and IRT shampoo. I do always though use the IRT spray twice a day. I had to have a neurostimulator implanted in my head and had to shave about half of it off. The first pic is my surgery day, the second picture is 30 days in and the bottom two pictures are today. My hair feels super soft and super thick!!!"💥
Another 4 weeks keto has gone by! This month was one of learning, being sick, adjusting to a new work schedule, and popping in and out of ketosis due to a few too many cheats out of sheer laziness. I don't mind - I'm still a newbie at this, and I'm not giving up any time soon. Most of my month was totally on point, but I still battled a plateau (which was beaten by giving up my daily BPC a few weeks ago). Swipe to see my weight loss so far (I weigh myself everyday which is why the graph is all over the place. It works for me but I know it causes some people stress to see fluctuations like that). - - Over the next month I'd like to incorporate apple cider vinegar into my daily routine, green keto smoothies several times a week and better meal prep. My biggest issue in the past month is that when I meal prep, somehow I run out of food by Thursday and then Friday night is a bit of a free for all. I need to make sure I have no excuses for failure 😂😑 I hate cooking on a daily basis (it seems so menial) so I'm even looking at ordering some keto- friendly meals from @thr1ve and keeping them in my freezer for those lazy nights. #notanad #justagoodidea - - I've come to a headspace where health is key. Yes weight loss is an aspect of this but it shouldn't be the sole focus of this journey. I know I could cut back on carbs to almost 0 and lose several kilos a week. But at what cost? No vegetables, hair loss, hormone issues? I want to be life long healthy, beat PCOS (which I've had a major breakthrough with in the past month - remind me to post about it later), beat my pre diabetes, beat IBS, beat my continual fatigue, beat a history of binge eating/bulimia and become all around the best version of myself! And just to let you in on a little secret, carbs is not the magic answer to all of these things 😂 - Therefore I am going to keto-on with a wholistic mindset. Not sure exactly what that means just yet, but I'm sure my #ketofam will have my back 😘 - - ⬇️ another 2kg for a total loss of 7.4kg in 2 months 😊
Open to collabs. 😘 . Fuck "Lets get together sometime"! Let's do it now! This week. In September. Whatever. I fly all over and I'm clawing my way to every fashion/creative experience I can get my talons to sink into. . I'm over waiting and dreaming and sighing over shoots I want to do - "someday." I've learned so much from what I've done this far. . Looking for collaborators for a SLC plus size shoot around Aug 5 --$125 each. In NYC in September. Wanna do LA? Reach out and lets get moving. 🖤 . 📸: @coldroyd
When shirts start to feel tight on the guns it's a good day. But I'm still feeling wiped out from the @pdxhighlandgames last weekend. Anybody else experience issues in recovery with pcos? How do you deal with internal inflammation? Lingering fatigue? And those persistent aches and pains after a competition or just daily workouts? . . . . #pcos #prevailfitco #macrocountingforthewin #pcosathletic #pcosathlete #pcosinflammation #pcosrecovery #ifeellikecrap
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Ugh, bad day today... no gym and hardly any steps... busy work day and went with a friend to painting with a twist... what is not pictured here is a couple glasses of wine, I think it increased my painting skills... ;) Also had a couple onion rings and cheese curds with my wings at dinner tonight... back on it tomorrow... but I know it will be another no gym day :( #weighloss #weightlossjournal #fit #fitness #fitnessjourney #exercise #fatgirlworkout #foodporn #foodjournal #nomnom #killedit #walking #ohiopyle #trailwalk #outdoorexercise #outsideexercise #pcos #pcosweightloss #pcosweightlossjourney #naturalweightloss
. Panic Attack - 1 Alli - 0 . What a day it has been! FINALLY in Missouri and really all I want to do is stuff cinnamon rolls, apple fritters & all other grains & carbs in my mouth! BUT I won't--we just unloaded the vehicles & eating dinner THEN I will workout even though I don't want to (just being honest). . Stress can do crazy things to your body. A LOT going on right now but we are keeping grounded by doing our workouts & focusing on our nutrition. • • • • ______________________________________ #Fire2Inspire #unitedlegacy #warriorstrong #levelup #lovegodloveyourself #lovelife #livelife #endowarrior #Godsblessings #PCOS #overcomer #cyster #pcoswarrior #toughchick #noexcuses #familyvalues #countrygirl #pcoscysters #ironworkerwife #dailygrind #proudaunt #furmom #endo #endosisters #determined #faithdriven #ballcaps #hoodies #collegeathlete #volleyballaddict
初ポスト💌💭 . 今月PCOS診断され落ち込みもしたし、泣きもしたけどまずはやれる事をやろう!となんとか前向きになれてきたところです😊✨ . 基礎体温は今まではかったことがなく、今日は体温計を買ってきました🙌 . 朝がだめだめで5分もくわえてる自信が無いので笑 10秒で測れるオムロンの物を購入😶❤️ . 冷え性など色々あるので体質改善も頑張りたいところ… . 職場はほぼ男性なので部屋はエアコンでキンキンです。笑 . 何かいい対策案とかあったらぜひ教えて下さい😭😭😭 . #初ポスト #毎日のこと #PCOS #今日は婦人体温計購入 #明日から測る #冷え性治したい #職場寒い #外との温度差で風邪引きそう笑 #よろしくお願いします🙌✨
🐼🐼 Tips kesihatan 🐼🐼 " TIPS MERAWAT SEMBELIT " 1) Minum dua hingga empat gelas 8oz tambahan air suam apabila sembelit.. 2) Amalkan pengambilan buah-buahan, sayur-sayuran dan lain-lain makanan yang mempunyai kandungan serat / fiber yang tinggi.. 3) Mengambil makanan yang mempunyai kandungan ' sorbitol ' yang tinggi di mana ia berfungsi sebagai perangsang kolon ringan yang membantu mengurangkan masa pergerakan najis dan seterusnya mengurangkan risiko sembelit.. Contohnya JUS PRUNE.. 4) Melakukan senaman kerana ia menggalakkan pergerakan usus yang sihat.. 5) Menggunakan tandas cangkung kerana ia lebih membantu memudahkan proses membuang.. 6) Amalkan makan #coklatlovehabibijsd.. Sangat-sangat membantu melancarkan pembuangan air besar serta mengelakkan sembelit.. Pesanan ikhlas dari Saya 😍 😍 #clh #coklatlovehabibi #buangangin #sembelit #buasir #angindalamperut #jamususukdara #jsd #Pcos #haidtidakteratur
Bit of a "blah" mental health day today.. Grateful for a good sleep and fresh start mañana✌🏼✨