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I will be a strong grrrrrl
My sweet babies 😍🐱❤️ #GrahamtheTuxedoCat
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In 1864, General Sherman and his Union forces destroyed effectively everything that stood between Atlanta and the Atlantic Ocean. Sherman's March to the Sea is often described as the first account of 'scorched earth warfare'. Historians have recently discovered that this history is completely false and the Union Army, under the guidance of Ulysses S. Grant, created the most massive cover-up in the history of the US. Documents found in Grant's tomb describe a tremendously powerful secret weapon used in November of '64, referred to only by its code name: Project Sausage Shark (PSS). From the various handwritten pages, historians have been able to piece together what happened. In early May of 1864, it is clear that Grant acquired what he thought was a dog, but what ended up being the most effective weaponized cuteness the world has ever seen. This dog, aka, the ancestral Sausage-Shark, was a small Velvet Burrito with the most epic of Sad-Pants Seal-Faces. When Grant first got her, he was entranced into a velvet-induced coma for three weeks which was later covered up by faking an alcohol problem. Once he realized what he had, he immediately strategized with President Lincoln and the March was planned. In November of 1964, PSS was initiated, and Sherman used the Shark to ensorcell the Georgia population into compliance. When the incomprehensible cuteness of the Sausage-Shark was unleashed upon the unsuspecting masses, every man, woman and child was enthralled into complete and utter submission. The majority of the Union army was also incapacitated. The March was deemed beyond successful and eventually led to the surrender of General Lee; however, Grant decided that PSS was too dangerous for any single human or gov't to control. To avoid public knowledge of the event, and any resulting hysteria, they buried PSS behind the what is now known as Sherman's March to the Sea. Historians believe that that Mila of Troy is a direct descendent of the original Shark and recommend that if you see her in person, approach with extreme caution and keep your eyes averted no matter how overwhelming her cuteness, lest you lose your soul to a permanent velvet-induced coma #MilaOfTroy
We're not telling dad human, right? 🐾
An ultra dramatic lookaway. You're welcome!
🇧🇷| eu amo água de côco. Sempre que posso, tomo. Quem gosta? 🌴 ☀️ 🌊 . . 🇺🇸| i really love coconut water. 🌴☀️🌊. . #paw #crispim #instaboy #instadog #maceioalagoas #instafood #dogsofinsta #dogs #dogstagram #petsagram #pet #petstagram #petoftheday #maceiodogs #jatiuca #aguadecoco #coconut #coconutwater #pawpack #dogsandpals #dogsofinstaworld #maceio
I wanna shark too! #pawpack shark theme toy, cookie & treats! #siberianhuskylove #huskylove #huskylife
Niko - always so cautious #pawpack treats silly boy! #siberianhuskylove #huskylove #huskylife
Mischa - give me some #pawpack treats! #siberianhuskylove #huskylove #huskylife
Yak bone goes everywhere I go! #MyYak #IDontShare
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