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Happy Friday!! 20 mins intervals on the bike, then tried the cross trainer for 10 mins.. don't have much flexibility in the right ankle thanks to the swelling, so it felt a bit weird, but didn't hurt. Yay! A few leg presses to finish and that'll do for today. Slowly but surely! #feelslikeprogress #patienceisavirtue #crosstraining #gymlife #workout #friyay #weekend #wrightsocknz #nz #newzealand
More than an hour πŸ˜‚ I think it'll be a little longer! . . . . . . @beautybaycom #beautybay #blackfriday #makeup #patienceisavirtue
Natalie: "Oh hello there sir - or should I call you a #littleprince? Were you the one looking for the strictly #vegan dinner option?" Little Prince: "Oh yes, that's me! Thank you so much for accommodating my #dietaryrequirements. It's so great that you guys can do that for a little old #furball like me!" Natalie: "Oh it's my pleasure sir. To be totally honest - I like #dogs more than people. Less drama, you know?" LP: "Oh tell me about it!! Have you seen how many people my masters have invited up here tonight?? Do they think this place is going to clean it's self? It won't be me cleaning up, I'll tell you that - it's gone to the dogs up here!!" 🀣🀣 All joking aside, there were a few serious tones in there too. For starters, the thing about Natalie liking dogs more than humans, is 100% true. Second - we have a rule on our #foodtruck - and that rule is that every cute dog gets a free meatball (at their owners discretion of course). And this lucky fellow happened to be at a wedding we did this past summer. I say lucky because, after he laid by our truck for a few hours, and patiently watched dinner service roll by him - he got a lot more than the allotted 1 meatball per measure of cuteness ( #patienceisavirtue). He and Natalie became good friends as they bonded over some handshakes and beefballs that night. So that whole vegan plate thing was a joke too. But what's not a joke is how many vegans we accommodated this past year at various events. If you, or a friend of yours is vegan and looking for a #caterer who specializes in #local #organic produce, tell them to drop us a line. We'd love to see what we could do for them!! That's all for now, have a great evening! #eatsamore #dogsofinstagram #putertherepal #shakeapaw #willshakeformeatballs #eatsamore #catering #mansbestfriend #Kamloops #kamloopsfoodtruck
Grey Thursday - Black Friday shopping at Kohl’s... the line moved surprisingly fast! #deals #patienceisavirtue #worthitmaybe
Swipe for more pics! ➑️ Mommy and I are putting a brief hold on the final photoshoot reveal but we will be back tomorrow with her absolute favorite one. But today we wanted to do something special! Today has been my very first Thanksgiving in a real home with my furever mommy who says she will love me and take care of me forever. I am very thankful today for my new family, for my toys, my treats, my blankies, my new harness, my friends, and the love and support from everyone. I hope you all have a good Thanksgiving with lots of turkey (my favorite) and snuggles. **************************** 🐾Go check out our pawtners🐾 @littlebittyinthebigcity @biscotti_the_doggi @mother_of_chihuahuas @thebig3_igbros @stella_5712 @elsaatyourservice @bella_thechihuahuauk @nelly.the.little.jellybean **************************** Click the link in my bio for a free @BarkBox if you sign up! ****************************
Good things come to those who wait. #patienceisavirtue #thanksgivingdinner
Three weeks down. Still not seeing much of a difference, which is frustrating. Oh well, Happy Thanksgiving. #adultbraces #braceface #patienceisavirtue
Stay still Landon...Its almost turkey timeπŸ¦ƒπŸ‘β€οΈπŸ˜‚πŸ΄ #hunger #happythanksgiving #puppylove #patienceisavirtue #patience #almost #almostfamous