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Le 3 costanti della mia vita: Studio✔️ Lettura✔️ Nail design✔️ Questa foto racchiude la fine di un percorso e l'inizio di una nuova fase di vita. #mani #manicure #drymanicure #nail #nails #nailart #unghie #french #frenchnails #glasseffect #swarovski #nailstagram #nailstyle #red #rednail #nailporn #istanail #istanails #passionfornail #passionfornails #mynails #mypassion #graduation #new #newstart #happy #ilovemyjob
Do you ever feel conflicted about keeping pets because it's sad when you think about the life they live in captivity? . Hanging out with my #BeardedDragon #Aussie. She likes to get out and stretch her legs for a few minutes. I don't blame her. It's kind of sad when you think about it, right? She has to see the same scenery from the same logs day in and day out. . 2 are from shelters and I feel confident I'm giving them the best life compared to what could have happened with their lives. . The ones from pet stores, I like to think ending up in my care is the best thing for them. I guess I justify it knowing the pets I have were bred to be placed for sale in a pet store. They weren't taken from the wild and they were never going to know a life outside of captivity. On the other hand, it supports the reckless business of breeding. I was thinking about that in the pet store but then I was thinking of all the wrong homes my pests could have ended up in if I didn't take them home. I'm so conflicted.
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Mijn lieve dinnetje💖is ook klaar voor de feestdagen🎄 #knittedcables #shellacdesign #acrylicnails #nailart #passionfornails #christmasnails
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