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Birthday party ideas! 🎉🎉🎉🎉 So Rudi's first one is coming soon! #22daystogo 😬 I've been probably planning it even before he was born, and had few things on my mind already. Here are some ideas for you all looking to celebrate for your li'l ones :- 📌 Planning - Obviously, the key to having a successful and smooth event is proper planning of the same. Also, if you plan early, you wouldn't have to panic and will less likely to have last minute screw ups! 📌 Party Venue - Decide on what kind of party you want to throw. Depending on number of guests and budgets you can finalize the style of party. Here's the places or venue you can go for- ✔️ Restaurant party ✔️ Banquet or resort parties ✔️ Lawn/farm house parties ✔️ Terrace party ✔️ Pool party ✔️ Picnic party ✔️ Indoor house party 📌 Selection of themes - Having a theme brightens up the party and pictures look amazing too! Here are some ideas of theme based parties - ✴️ Color based themes ✴️ Favorite cartoon or other characters based themes like Cinderella, minions, superheroes etc. ✴️ Jungle theme ✴️ Era theme You can also check @prettyurparty They have a huge range of themes to select from. 📌 Entertainment - Kids get bored pretty darn easily, and adult parties bore them! Make sure you have planned something for their entertainment so that you can enjoy the party too! Here are some ideas :- ✔️ Set up a play zone ✔️ Plan some games for kids. ✔️ Have a magician/ clown over Head over to my page to read the complete blog 👆
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Smile it's Sunday 🌞 and that smile too is very much down to the 5 year old #minnieboosummers stuffing her face with the prettiest unicorn cookie pop @rubyloustreatco Completely ingenious idea to have cookies delivered to your door and who doesn't like a cookie right (on a stick with lots of sprinkles, chocolate drips, marshmallows...)? For Minnie's party I decided on these delights as opposed to serving up the cake for pud as I find kids can be funny with cake; they want it, eat either the sponge, lick the icing, have a couple of bites and then leave it. Now being a cake lover this makes me want to shed a little tear and then quickly mop up the leftovers 😂 However, this was certainly not the case with these bad boys, not even a crumb or any leftovers in sight. Apologies for the black and white and not being able to see the true colour of the pop (Minnie's face was seriously getting involved in the cookie) but go check out @rubyloustreatco ! #cookiepop #unicorncookiepop #cookies #rubyloustreatco #kidslovecookies #pudding #party #partytime #partyplanning #partystyle #partystyling