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Holiday life hack: I love stationery and a good Holiday Card. But every year I catch a lot of grief for sending my holiday cards out earlyish (beginning of December.) There are always those who say “oh great thanks for making me feel bad... I haven’t even taken the family photo yet.” Well, truth be told- we probably haven’t either. (!!)We rarely sit for a pro family photo anymore ...I typically get a photo from some trip we took over Spring break or Summer, or use a snapshot from a family bday dinner... or just as likely >> use the collage function where individual photos can be input, cobbling together a family card. It works fine... beautifully even. Some of our best cards have been patch-worked. I used to stress out and match everyone in sweaters and forced smiles like some modern day VonTrapp family. We are over it! If a pro photo happens, great. If not, we collage. The reason I do he cards early is because that’s when they are often 40% off. And also, I know I won’t get to it once December gets into full swing!! So... this practice of doing them early is one of my fave Holiday Life hacks that creates more ease in my life. My tradition is to stuff the envelopes with the kids the weekend after Thanksgiving in our PJ’s .... labels are the same ones from last year, plus or minus a few (labels done on the computer so no reinventing the wheel.) We get the stamps in November when the lines aren’t long yet. (DO NOT order from post office. Takes forever to get sometimes.) The return address is an ink stamp. Easy. Cards are done like a family assembly line with hot cocoa and always a couple of paper cuts. (Which more cocoa fixes...) So my top tips are this: let go of the perfectionism if you are waiting for some perfect, idealized photo where everyone’s hair and skin and smile and butt look great./ Order your cards early to take advantage of savings and lead time./ Buy stamps in Nov. Here is a 40% off coupon code if you too would like to send an imperfectly perfect Holiday card this year- Tiny prints: CYBER40 thru Dec 4 On Shutterfly: SAVE4WINTER thru Nov 20 #holidaysurvival #holidaycardhack . . . . . . #holidaycards #tinyprints #shutterfly
LOVE this post from one of our youth mentors @brightergirls: . " #BeingBrave can be you taking up a million dollar project, asking for a pay rise or re-negotiating your job contract. It could be a girl raising her hands so her voice can be heard or her saying NO to her peers. Everybody needs #brave. We all will face difficult or uncomfortable terrains but we also have the power to choose what we do in them. This week, Choose to #BeBrave and #Fearless because yes You haven't been given the spirit of fear but of LOVE, POWER and SOUND MIND. . . #BRAVE is already in you. #StirItUp and #BE . . . Do you have a brave story? . #brightergirls #bgli #girls #teenagers #parentingteens #girlcoach #bebrave #parenting. . #nigerianGirlsUnited #teengirlsrock #AllBlackGirlsDont #PeriodsAreNotAnInsult #brightergirls #ilovemyteen #empoweringteens #empoweringgirls #motherhood #fatherhood #mums"
Who would've thought that two years ago when I brought Cal a bass that he'd get so into it he's making his own guitars. His latest using his new birthday toy is a lap steel guitar. God I love this kid. I've always been worried about not being everything he needed to thrive. I always let him be free to be who he is with plenty of conversation. He definitely hasn't been raised like a mushroom, ignorant of the world, but we've never had much as I've been the breadwinner all his life and I chose overseas adventures and breaking into the property market over flash cars or wasting money on gambling or other shit. But I didn't need to worry 😏❤❤❤ he's got passion, enthusiasm, and no fear of the world. #parentingteens #teenagers #love #happiness #family #freedom
A late #tbt to when my newbie and I️ had matching round cheeks. He was days old here and next month he turns 14. What a journey both of us have been on and parts of us look really different others much the same. #kids #baby #cheeks #parenting #earlydays #cheeksfordays #mamabodylove #missingbabytime #snuggles #middriftmovement #partofthejourney #parentingteens #postpartum #newmama
Amy White, author of "Closer to Paradise: a mother's journey through crisis and healing" shares her story, and explains her technique of "car screaming" in her heartfelt interview of Wholehearted Parenting. join us FREE. Click the link in my bio to grab your spot today! #caregiverchampion #wholeheartedparenting #resilience #intuitivecoaching #parentingteens #parentingteenagers #empoweredempath #medium #channel #mompreneur #selfcarematters #selfcarefirst #closertoparadise #marathonmom #marathoner #marathoners
Your teens need to understand that with every single social media post they share, they are writing their story. It is online forever, even view-able by college recruiters and potential employers. Are they really telling the story they wish to tell? Parents, it’s vital that you teach your teens the importance of checking their digital footprint. My social media audits can help set a plan for your teen. Check it out at leahnieman.com
When you're going through HELL with your teen- I mean the really tough stuff, you need a way to let out all of your emotion. The incredible @mzamywhite shares how "car screaming" got her through a really tough time with her teenage son. Join us to hear this interview and so much more on Wholehearted Parenting. Click the link in my bio to grab your spot FREE #carscream #wholeheartedparenting #wholeheartedparentingcoach #resiliencecoach #intuitive #parentingteens #teenmentalhealth #caregiveradvocate
This can be a tough time of year for everyone. The sun has disappeared, the stress of the holidays is approaching, and school is REAL serious for teens right now. (Especially seniors!) Help your teen take a few minutes of downtime, preferably outside. Grab the hats and mittens and go for a walk together. #qualitytime #familytime⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #tutor #tutoring #onlinetutoring #historytutor #tutoringservices #parentingteens #parentingtweens #stapletondenver #northfieldstapleton #denvertutor #smallbusiness #ladyboss #mompreneur #lptutoring
*** GRATITUDE Thank you to everyone who downloaded, ordered, shared and wrote a review for my book this week. My book, “When She Stopped Asking Why: A Mother’s Journey Through Teen Substance Abuse and the Loving Path to Finding her Clarity, Courage and Purpose” reached #1 on Amazon’s Best Seller List in 5 different categories!! ❇️ Substance Abuse ❇️ Drug Dependency ❇️ Teen Health ❇️ Children’s Substance Abuse ❇️ Abuse and Addiction Recovery It was also listed in the “Movers and Shakers” on Amazon and was named a Hot New Release in several categories. In the difficult years of our story I turned to books to learn how to better handle our situation. One of my go to books and authors was Gabor Mate. I can’t tell you the feeling to see my book next to his on Amazon...there are no words. It’s been a lot to absorb this week. I want to thank everyone for you support and encouragement as I felt incredibly vulnerable as I barred my soul in those pages. I am especially grateful for the new people who reached out to say thank you for being a voice for the families affected by teen substance abuse. It’s truly time. Remember shame cannot survive when we speak, and it’s time we speak up, show up, share and own our stories. It’s time to kick shame to the curb!! Thank you 😘❤️🌟📚 . . . #gratitude #bestsellingauthor #booklaunch #ownyourstory #whenshestoppedaskingwhy #itstime #shareyourstory #standup #showup #itstimewetalkaboutit #teens #substanceabuse #teensubstanceabuse #parenting #parentingteens
Saying “thank you” works in almost any situation. If you’re ever on the fence about sending a note of thanks, send it. You won’t ever regret including a tip or expressing gratitude. You won’t ever not be thankful for someone showing you they care, in only ways they know how. You won’t ever regret not jumping in the ditch with the haters, and you won’t ever regret letting someone else share their opinion. Because expressing gratitude is a form of love. And love always, always WINS. HAPPY. THANKS. GIVING. Share your thoughts and any tips on other ways to express thanks below!
Today’s podcast guest is Nick, who has a number of wild stories to share about his past battles with drug addiction. Like many in his situation, it took Nick a long time to come to terms with his problem and finally get the help he needed to bounce back. But that’s only half the story. Where it gets really interesting, is when all the drugs are finally in the rear-view mirror, and Nick is suddenly left to face all of the unresolved issues that likely caused him to turn to drugs in the first place… Warning - some explicit language in this one! Here's the link: http://drjohnduffy.podbean.com/mobile/e/nick-on-resolving-addiction-the-dark-side-of-sobriety/ Please listen, share and pass it on! Thank you! #teens #parentingteens #parentingboys #drugs #druguse #drugabuse #dealing #dealingdrugs #selfawareness #selfloathing #huntersthompson #fearandloathing #fearandloathinginlasvegas #sobriety #issues #availability #undueanxiety #itunes #innerdialogue #innerpeace
To every Tween and Teen, treat others in the same kind way that you would love to be treated. There is nothing funny in calling people names that hurt. There is nothing funny in calling people names that degrade them or breaks their hearts. It's not a joke and will never be a joke. You are a smart person and you will do the right thing always. Say no to bullying. Play no part in bullying even if your friends are doing it. Standout! Stand Up!Speak Up and Say NO to bullying. #nobullying #stopbullying #antibullying #antibullyingweek #students #schools #teens #teenagers #tweens #youngpeople #phinnahchichi #parentingteens
Gratitude Game - Day 16 So grateful for this beautiful beautiful sunrise this morning! The photo just doesn't do it justice!!! Even better was the darling daughter being so excited about the beauty of it all and how it changing as the sun rose further into the sky. 💖😊💖 #30daychallenge #gratefulheart #healthyliving #sunrise #graditude #momtaxi #momtoteenagers #parentingteens #natureisbeautiful