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Woow they've almost finished the whole Destiny's Bounty #lego #ninjago pirate ship!!!
¿Servicio delivery?😱😍 Mami, todos mis vestiditos los puedes encontrar en www.mybabylicious.com y nos llegan a la puerta de la casa🛍🏡
Child-led play is crucial in helping your little ones discover their passions, strengthen their problem-solving skills, and unlock their creativity. Shop toys from Melissa & Doug that will spark your child’s imagination and develop skills for a lifetime of success. Find out our faves on the blog @melissaanddougtoys ❤️ #ad #childhoodunplugged #letthembelittle   #mybeautifulmess #clickinmoms  #motherhoodrising  #motherhoodinstyle  #ministylekids #frugal #frugalliving #lifestyle Momblog #blogger #blogging101 #blogging #momboss #workingmom #bossblog #logicalliving #cleveland #clevelandblogger #ohioblogger #parenting #parenting101 #parentingstyle #parentinglifestyle #akronohio #akronblogger #family #lifestyle #instaboss
The Prayers of a Mother . From the moment a woman finds out that she's pregnant - she prays. . She prays for a healthy baby. She prays for a safe (and quick) delivery. She prays to hear that baby's first strong cry. . . Soon after her prayers are of a different sort- She prays for sleep. She prays for quiet. She prays for strength to keep up. She prays for a toddler that will listen. . . Then one day, the prayers evolve once more. They take on a deeper sense of worth. As that baby grows so does a mother's worry. She prays for her child's happiness. She prays to find the right words. She prays for them to make good choices. She prays that their dreams will lead to success. She prays that all the prayers she has ever made will come true. That somehow through all of the bad days and rough spots along this bumpy road - her baby will see the glory, the good, and know how much they are truly loved.
Try out this #VroomTip when you and your child are eating together. Let your child make shapes out of their snacks by rearranging them into things like a circle, a stick figure or anything they can think of! You can take turns making shapes and guessing what they are too.⠀ ⠀ #BrainyBackground:⠀ Your child is learning to focus by watching you bring their food to their mouth. As they learn to feed themselves, they can also pretend their food is flying into their mouth.⠀ ⠀ Don't forget! You can receive Vroom tips for free via the #DailyVroom app. Click the link in app to download.
#SabíasQué El niño que vive en contacto con la música, aprende a convivir de mejor manera con otros niños. Ya que le aporta confianza, aprendizaje y concentración estimulando la memoria, el análisis, la síntesis y el razonamiento.
Charlotte gana confianza en sí misma con las clases de Hip Hop y lo manifiesta con la fluidez de su expresión corporal. Disponible en📍Chacarilla: 🔹Miércoles a las 5:30 p.m. para niños de 5 a 6 años.
My tiny dictator is becoming my little helper .. now is me getting help to get dressed 😂😂🤣🎉🎉.. Now next step,to make him proficient at cleaning, cooking, driving and then I have created a little slave 😂😂..( just kidding 😜or maybe no 😳😜😂😂)...but I'm definitely liking this 🤗🤗I feel spoilt by my baby 👶🏼
If you've not read Don't Stick Sticks Up Your Nose! Don't Stuff Stuff In Your Ear!, you are missing out!!! #dontstickdontstuff
Do you have a new reader? Do you know how to help them pick a 'just right book' that is not too easy --and not too hard? Use this old teacher trick that works every time! I explain it in my newest #blogpost (link to it in my bio⬆️) #readingtime #readingtip
Upgrade You~ Beyonce’ 💅🏾 Shut down meetings in a tailored-made dress and have dinner ready.
our kind of morning.. Gods morning baby ko..my cutie patotie! #zacezekiel #parentinggoals #parenting101
We all have the one friend that's like this.. Tag them #parenting101 #thecrosstv
Every week, like all moms, hours of my day are spend on sorting, washing, drying and folding laundry. But my favorite part is putting it away in my children's drawers. It really lets me know I spend my time so wisely. #momlife #laundry #alwayslaundry #washinglaundry #parentfail #parenting101 #parenting #poortimemanagement #laundryday #puttingawaylaundry #kids