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She's not a fan of crowds and people tend to bring her shyness out but one thing is certain, she lives in her own little world with an old soul loving every single animal that ever crawled the earth. #lkg is her spot where she can let loose and find her freedom within the wind and water. ❤ #paisleygrey
If I were this little and took a bath in cereal and milk, this would probably be my reaction, too!! ❤
She said... "Mama, i get to take a bath in fruit loops?!" This was her reaction! 💞
Blowing kisses and sporting her new bandana 💋 @paisley_grey #paisleygrey
While i was shooting tonight, daddy picks #paisleygrey a flower and then asks a random lady to take their picture... he is so precious. ❤
This is how we roll the neighborhood ❤
Stinker 💞
Loving her is so easy to do! ❤
Pretty much how excited #paisleygrey gets when she orders hot chocolate from @starbucks ❤
Purchasing new equipment means having to practice on someone... it's a good thing I have a willing participant. ❤ #paisleygrey #myreallivedollbaby
I have been dying to get an oil painting made of #paisleygrey ... Today it came in!!! Just look at how real it looks! Now to find the perfect frame for it!!! ❤❤
I love my little #paisleygrey she's such a little #hipsterbaby ❤ her and #kennedymae are what keep me going everyday! #sisters #2birdsofafeather
This little #Valentine was super excited to take these #dunkindonuts to her party at school today! ❤❤ #paisleygrey
Believe it or not, #paisleygrey whooped us in monopoly last night. With 4 hotels and over 5000 dollars in cash, she killed us. Let's see who whoops who tonight... ❤❤
But she's SO super dooper cute!! ❤❤
Someone gets tired of modeling for me... 😂😂😂❤ #paisleygrey
#tbt because I can't wait for you to be no longer pregnant. ((And to see you be a parent and all that Jazz)) #PaisleyGrey @sstoff554
Another #2016 photo fave ❤ Dress: @sewtrendyaccessories Hair and Makeup: @makeupbyshareen
This was pretty much the only thing she asked for every time someone asked her what she wanted from Santa... It's a good thing Santa has elves that know how to sew 🎅 #handmade #Santasuit #paisleygrey #cutestlittlesantaieverdidsee
Rolls for days lol Paisley is snuggled up snoozin 😘 #dogsofinstagram #paisleygrey #sleepypup
Enjoying my day off with this lil one! She's turning into a maniac! Ahhhhh!!!! #2birdsofafeather #love #babygirls #paisleygrey #paisley
Our little #phantomoftheopera lady from last night. ❤
Halloweeeeeennnn!!! #paisleygrey and the first costume of the day was a hit! Stay tuned to see tonight's costume! It's soooo stinkin' cute!!
We continually preach to little ones when they fall on their faces to get up and "shake it off"... We as adults also fall flat on our faces and need to be reminded of the same thing. ❤
Best buds!!
Spending the rest of my night with this gem and her daddy never gets old!
One of the best feelings in the world!! #paisleygrey
Picking apples in the Virginia mountains this past weekend was just what my soul needed!
My sweet meat... #paisleygrey
Late night snuggles with these two are always the best!
🙊😘😍 #paisleygrey
I always knew I had the best mom that a girl could ask for. She was always there for me when no one else was. She kept my sister and I going and never let us know that she was spending her last dime on us to make our faces light up. We never knew that our life was out of the norm, because of HER. She was our rock when we needed someone to lean on. Raising us alone was never something that she wanted to do but she did it with pride and prayer and gave two red-headed girls a wonderful childhood with many fond memories. The love I have for her is explainable and I thank the good Lord every.single.day that she is still healthy and able to watch my little mini me grow up. I can only hope to become the person she means to me, for my little girl. #paisleygrey
"Mommy, do bees make honey?" Yes baby. "Then do butterflies make butter?" #paisleygrey
Would you please look up for this damn selfie!!!! It's a great angle for mom! Lol Hahhahahahha #babyselfie #lookatme #paisley #paisleygrey #baumeyayfamily #baumeyaynotbowmeijer @chomp333r
I can't help but get mesmerized in her eyes... ❤
At least someone wants to hang out with me today.🐱 #meow #paisleygrey
Today has been so amazing! Im so thankful for all of the messages, comments, texts and calls!! You guys know how to make a girl's day! ❤ 30 is sure to be amazing! Especially when I have these beautiful people and so many more in my life ❤
We can judge the heart of a man by the way he treats his animals ... ❤🐮🐄❤
Cutest thing ever! My little man Ryker Stone, loves my Paisley babyyyy. He wants to hold her, kiss her, hug her and love her. I Love this guy. He's one of my favorite boys in the world. He said he loves me more than his mom. Shocker I know. #nephew #nephewlove #imhisfave #favoriteaunt #lovesofmylife #paisleygrey #rykerstone
Daddy got her tonight at the supper table! ❤
Happiest of happy birthdays to our spunky #paisleygrey #paisleygreyturnsfour ❤
#bts shots are always some of my faves! This job of mine is crazy amazing.
The way she connects with animals makes me so happy she's mine! ❤
Planning a birthday party is so much fun!! 🎂🎉 #paisleygreyturnsfour
I swear she would live in the water if I let her! #paisleygrey