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Sister love ❤️ #kennedymae #paisleygrey #sisters
Creepy part is, I think she looks like me here!!!! Hahahhahahah! #paisleygrey #momofgirls #loveher #shesprettyfunny
My wish is that they always stay this close. ❤
She is the exclamation mark in the happiest sentence that I could ever possibly write. 😍💘 #PaisleyGrey #cleftcutie #cleftstrong
Happyyyy Halloween! Love, Beauty and the Beast
She lights up my day with her little stinker giggles. #Paisleygrey
We love going to Annie's every year and carving our pumpkins. 🎃🎃
"Hey mama... what if i had a pumpkin eye?"
Little goober 😘
I don't get many days off to spend time with these beautiful people as a family so today we were able to go pumpkin pickin'. ❤🎃
She is a crazy nut probably why I love her so. ❤
Mornings are now a little more sweeter!
Love love love our time together. ❤ #Paisleygrey #tuckerkelly #pandtadventures
Pretty little thing.
Having her around makes my heart so content.
A child's spirit is so wonderful.
I took this pretty girl in the soy beans tonight for some sunset, lifestyle photos and then she wanted to take some of me. I love that she loves taking photos!! ❤