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Pretty little thing.
Having her around makes my heart so content.
A child's spirit is so wonderful.
I took this pretty girl in the soy beans tonight for some sunset, lifestyle photos and then she wanted to take some of me. I love that she loves taking photos!! ❤
It's been 10 days since this beautiful bundle of joy came into our lives and I still can't believe it. She's got her daddy's looks and temperament but all of mommys attitude and sass. I'm so in love. 😍💕 #cleftlove #PaisleyGrey #Dimplebaby
My sweet babies dressed up for church this morning. ❤
I normally wouldnt want someone staring at me but when I look down at this little darlin' and those eyes are looking right at me, I can't help but have a heart full of love. Those little cheeks are starting to fill out and I'm starting to see a little red tint in that hair when the light hits it just right. 😍 P.S. slide to the next photo to see #paisleygrey at his age.
Daddy always surprises #paisleygrey with flowers on her birthday no matter where she is. He's been doing this since the day she was born. Today he brought them to school. ❤ #daddysgirl
A mermaid party was what she wanted and that's what we had today! Thank you to everyone that came to celebrate with us. She can't wait until Tuesday when she turns FIVE!
Tomorrow we have her birthday party and Tuesday she turns FIVE!!! This sweet little baby was just a baby. Now she's almost 5 going on 25. 🙈
Grandma always has the best food, lovin' and even the best toys.
We love rainbows. 🌈
Summer nights ✌
I've known this day would come a long time ago but I didn't know how soon it would get here. Watching our little girl walk into a classroom and be just as excited as a kid in a candy store was a feeling I will never forget. She never saw me cry nor will I tell her but one day when she has her own, I hope she realizes what love really is. Letting go, even in the slightest, is super hard. She is way too sassy and independent for her own good, so I know she will be ok but it still breaks this mama's heart knowing she is growing so fast. ❤ #paisleygrey
Bro and sis snuggles in the morning... what weekends are for! ❤ #adventureswithpandt #paisleygrey #tuckerkelly
Those little feet and that little nose... 😍
As I sit here at 3am feeding, I get to reflect on one whole month of having two kids. A whole month of two sets of hands to hold, two sets of cheeks to kiss and two beautiful children to love... Grey and I are totally blessed beyond measure to get the chance to parent Paisley and Tucker. They obviously have a bond that is immeasurable, already. Life has been an adjustment for sure but one heck of a good one. Happy one month old little buddy. You are so loved and you don't even know it yet. ❤