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Sprouting some buckwheat groats to make some healthy, crunchy, homemade cereal (kind of like Grape Nuts.) I added cinnamon, vanilla and maple syrup and put them in the dehydrator. 🥄 #cereal #healthyvegan #homemadecereal #veganfood #rawfood #whatveganseat #veganfoodshare #vegansofig #eatplantsnotanimals #plantbased #poweredbyplants #healthyeating #homemadevegan #diy #buckwheatgroats #sprouting #packagefree #zerowaste #sustainability #plasticfree
Ordered my first set of @gneissspice jars after seeing @trashisfortossers share on YouTube. Loved the clean simple look of the jars. Tomorrow I'm going to fill them up from my current spice cabinet! And later from the bulk section! . . . . . #gneissspice #zerowaste #packagefree #cooking #kitchen #spices #bulk #satisfying #riverfallswi #magnetic #glassjar #simple #youtube #plasticfree #psgalore
Quick and tasty light lunch after the early morning veg shop. Homemade hummus with tomato 👌😋
These are the reusable bags I took to the vege market today. They were all bought from Commonsense organics. The handles are wearing out on the hemp tote bags as I've used them daily for almost two years. I'm planning to fix them up with some fabric I have lying around. Better get on to that soon 😬😅
The beauty of plastic free vege market shopping. I picked up the fresh loaf of multigrain bread and a pastry from the Le Moulin bakery nearby (Plus a canelé but that didn't make it home for the photo!) 😋🥐 All of this was just under $40 NZD. SO much cheaper than the grocery shop. It was no hassle at all to bring my own bags and I saw several other people doing the same 😊👏
Ran out of thread today. Remembered a second-hand craft store located in Boulder City. $1 for all 4, no receipt, no packing. Win.win.win!
I didn't know until recently that Ball #masonjars are manufactured by @ardaghgroup who can make the claim that in an average household globally, you will find at least six products in packaging produced by Ardagh Group. This gave me pause and made me think very hard about more ways to #reuse packaging and go #packagefree 👍
Heading to friends, bearing gifts
Should have filled a larger jar with these goodies! Chocolate covered almonds 😍 #bulkshopping #packagefree #masonjar #mindfullysustainable
Farmers market haul 😍 So many fresh, organic produce at the market it makes me so happy 💕 The market vendors are really accommodating about bring your own bag so we were able to buy almost everything in our own bags and were able to buy cheese in our beewax wrap from @farmhousecheeses 😆 we bring back the paper containers for eggs and tomatoes and they are happy to reuse them! @vanmarkets #farmersmarket #markethaul #troutlake #groceryhaul #saturday #familytime #fresh #organic #fruits #vegitables #kimchi #beewaxwrap #packagefree #plasticfree #zerowaste #벤쿠버 #파머스마켓 #장보기 #농부마켓 #토요일 #가족 #프레쉬 #올가닉 #친환경 #비왁스랩 #과일 #야채 #포장없이 #플라스틱프리 #제로웨이스트
Isn't she a beauty? 🍎 . . . . I made a beautiful apple & rhubarb crumble this morning, the favourite dessert of a dear friend of mine. It reminded me of all the times we made it together back in university! 💃 I've veganized the recipe since then, and of course every ingredient is package free! 🙌 It's nice to look back on nice memories and still be able to make the same treats as back then, but with a smaller footprint! 🐾🌎 The only thing missing is @mandolinus to share it with! 🍎🍏
Look at me and my new toy - we don't even know what it is, but it makes Mila very proud 🐾 #todayscatch #playplayallday
Filled up on almonds in bulk at @goodnessmeguelph - the staff there are so helpful! I returned my empty milk bottles, got the tare on my glass jars and then filled up on goodies, and bought some fresh milk in reusable glass bottles! 💚 #guelph #wasteconscious #mindfullysustainable
Anyone in New York this three day weekend? Check out @packagefreeshop, a one stop shop for sustainable, basic necessities. The co-owners Daniel and Lauren lead zero-waste lives, so nothing they use ends up in a landfill! This lifestyle resonates through their store, for every stocked item is completely recyclable or compostable, and is meant to last way longer than one use - there is even an alternative to paper towels in this store! Most of the items do not come in a package, but those that do are able to be given back to Daniel and Sarah for proper disposal. Sarah states that the average American produces 4.5lbs of trash per day. This may not seem like much on an individual scale, but take that into a global context. Any step we take to purchase sustainably helps displace items from landfills and ocean gyres. Package Free Shop is such a convenient sustainable store, giving us no excuse not to purchase responsibly! Hope we see more shops like this pop up around the world!
Peace in a bowl 🙏🏼 ft. beautiful bulk ( #packagefree) bought cinnamon 😍🌿💚✔️
🍅+🍌+🍍+🍎+🍆=🌈 . . . . Rainbow zero waste grocery haul of the week! 🌈 Our local market is finally starting to stock up on some local(ish) produce. I can't wait for June/July to have a larger local selection to choose from! I could not resist these local apples. Some of them are baking as we speak and are transforming into a apple & rhubarb crumble. 🍎🙌 We also decided to get two snack options from our local bulk store, just for fun. 😜
Today's beach trash haul ☹️ Over 15 lbs of trash picked up in just an hour. Notable items include 50 + bottle caps, kids shovels (2 were still in great condition and I was able to give them to kids on the beach that screamed with joy 😊), used kids diapers stuffed in the sand 🤦🏼‍♀️, and a nerf gun pellet. Common theme today was definitely kids stuff - so parents.. I BEG OF YOU.. please mind your kids toys when you go to the beach. Don't be a prick - pick up your shit.• • • #take3forthesea #dontbetrashy #plasticfree #zerowaste #packagefree #trash #plastic #beach #florida #beachlife #beachclean #beachcleanup #kids #vacation #plastico #beachlife #soflo #trashfree #sustainability #sustainableliving
What are you growing this season? 🌱 Last year we enjoyed the #community #garden but this year we are trying with the #urban #balcony style again! Herbs, tomatoes, peppers, kale, radishes, strawberries and so many other things can be grown in large pots. We used to do this, but moving countries doesn't help..😉 So we'll see if it works this year. 🍓🌿🌶🍆🍏🍒🍑🍅🍇 . . . #zerowaste #zerodechet #food #zerowastehome #healthyeating #notrash #wastefree #nopackaging #goingzerowaste #unpackaged #packagefree #zerowastechallenge #zerowasteliving #zerowastecommunity #zerowasteottawa #canada #zerowastecanada #yum #foodie #yummy #zerowastelife
Refills and packagefree shopping at #stueckgut #Hamburg: popcorn, dried mangos, gummyfrogs, deinfectionspray (lavender scent, smells so good!) and tooth tablets because I gave the first jar to my Mom 😁 #zerowaste #zerodechet #trashisfortossers #plasticfree #packagefree #reusable
Love how kind people are that grow things! More spinach from grans garden and dirty potatoes from a friends garden yum! #dirtypotatoes #gifted #spinach #freshproduce #packagefree #nonasties
We're nuts about these mixed nuts - last but not least in our snack range! #packagefree #refillable #london
Travel essentials - at home prepared & packed waste free breakfast and lunch to avoid a trash and eating out 👍📷 @wastefree.sk 🌍🍒 Another great account @wastefree.sk for inspiration for LIVING with LESS PLASTIC. Thank you for your passion & thank you for being part of the change🙏 🌍🍓 And THANK YOU for stopping by🙏Follow us & Use #ourplanetourhome to be featured. 🌍🍍 Find out about plant based lifestyle and the positive impact on the environment👉(link in our bio for you) 🌍🌞 Wish you a beautiful day
Fridays are for fruit parties in front of Letters To Juliet with the best of friends. Here we go.... 📝💕🌿
Phill and I started to get our garden planted about a month ago. We were hoping that it wasn't too soon being spring time in Wisconsin. This year we have been working towards a more sustainable, minimalist lifestyle (well more me than Phill). Looking forward to sharing more of the garden and tasty meals through out the summer. . . . . . #zerowaste #gardens #friday #riverfallswi #howihue #loveit #freshfood #greenthumb #packagefree #delicious #instagarden #agriculture #springtime #almostsummer #memorialdayweekend #foodiefriday #dowhatyoulove #containergarden #beautiful #instanature #healthyfood #urbangardening #fridaynight
This is rosemary and lavender infused vinegar. I'm going to strain and dilute it then use as hair rinse/ replacement for conditioner. I haven't tried it before and I'm a little skeptical but have been assured I won't be walking around smelling of vinegar all day 🙃
If you're an olive oil and vinegar fan, this grocery has got you covered - and in bulk! Woohoo!!! San Antonioans, support bulk businesses like this one! 🌵 . . . #zerowaste #zerowastelifestyle #eco #environment #bathroom #sustainability #sustainable #begreen #blogger #shopbulk #packagefree #plasticfree #texas #sanantonio #simplicity #minimalist #minimalism #simplelife #bulk #shopping
PRODUCT | Have a sweet tooth, but can't always find a #zerowaste option? We got you covered! These amazingly delicious desserts locally made by a wonderful woman, a mom, and a Cordon Bleu trained chef from the best and freshest ingredients. Everything - and we mean e-ve-ry-thing - is made from scratch! We are in love 😍🙌🍰 Have ideas for other sweet treats we could carry? Let us know in the comments 👇
After lusting over @osmiaorganics Instagram page for months I finally decided to invest and dive into their entire line. Everything is amazing and smells like a dream ❤️ Thank you so much Osmia for your personal touch and also for your #sustainablepackaging ✌🏼😍✌🏼 #organic #skincare #osmia #packagefree #zerowaste #plasticfree #dontbetrashy #beauty #acne
Getting ready to edit my own and my kids' closets, books, and toys 😉
So excited about finally composting! Yes, I just posted a picture of waste on my instagram 🚮
In my #nowaste journey we never buy #disposable paper towels or napkins. But sometimes guests are surprised and in need of one. I have a lidded container in my kitchen where I store paper napkins given to us that we didn't need. For instance we stopped at #DairyQueen recently & ordered a couple of small blizzards for a #cooltreat. They handed out this handful of napkins with our treats. What the heck??! At least they won't be wasted. Into my paper napkin container they go! #nowaste #taylormadehomestead #texas #ecofriendly #zerowaste #greenlifestyle #greenliving #lesswaste #gogreen #packagefree #ecofriendly
Usa lo que tengas 👍😉 para mí, una de las primeras reglas en esto de la reducción de residuos. Estas bolsitas andaban ya por casa, son perfectas para comprar frutos secos y chuches a granel, también las he usado a veces para comprar legumbres 😊 Use what you have 👍😉 for me this is one of the first rules in zerowaste. These little bags were already at home, they're perfect to buy nuts and snacks, also legumes 😊 #saynotoplastic #zerodechet #plasticfree #zerowaste #ceroresiduos #savefood #stopfoodwaste #vidasostenible #packagefree #supportlocal #responsiblechoices #healthyfood #foodie #greenliving #mindfulproducts #refuse #viajealosencillo #buylocal #zerowaste #ceroresiduos #healthy #locallymade #goingzerowaste #zerowastelife #zerowastelifestyle #zerowastehome #bulkshopping #agranel #granel #realfood #eatrealfood
Shampoo Bars are amazing for so many reasons. Clean hair, economical, long lasting, eco friendly packaging and when you add Maine seaweed to the mix you can calm an itchy scalp. Check them out @dulseandrugosa
Zero waste lunch: oats soaked in water with raspberries, passion fruit, chia seeds and maple syrup 👍📷 @maximallebendig Whole food plant based lifestyle is another way how we positively impact our beautiful planet. 🌍🍒 Another great account @maximallebendig for inspiration for LIVING with LESS PLASTIC & WHOLE FOOD PLANT BASED LIFESTYLE. Thank you for your passion & thank you for being part of the change🙏 🌍🍓 And THANK YOU for stopping by🙏Follow us & Use #ourplanetourhome to be featured. 🌍🍍 Find out about plant based lifestyle and the positive impact on the environment👉(link in our bio for you) 🌍🌞 Wish you a beautiful day
Tomorrow! Come hang with ya girl & let me feed you chocolate! Event page link's in my bio. PLZ RSVP, invite your pals & share the page! See ya then! 🌞
Our #zerowaste pop-up shop is happening tomorrow at @patagoniavancouver! 11 AM - 6 PM. BYOContainers. Check out our FB event page in our bio & RSVP! Looking forward to seeing you all there! 💛 ~ 📸: @_wastelandrebel_ 😘
My @shop_enat bag and my @kleankanteen are two of my favorite zero waste traveling items. Both helped me avoid using single use plastic while also saving me money! #zerowastelifestyle #zerowasteeurope #packagefree
When you can't buy #packagefree, #local is the way to go! Delicious chips made close to my home! #313urbanchips
Realizing you spent way too many years cleaning two pots after making pasta when it could have been just one the whole time. 🍝 🌿👏🏼 (Just add water and olive oil and cook away!)
We love to grab a bite once in a while! We usually go for Bánh Mì - Vietnamese sandwiches 😌 They are often served in a paper bag (which is great), but we opt for a proper sit-in plate 😉 . . . #zerowaste #zerodechet #food #zerowastehome #vegan #zerowastecouple #zerowastelife #healthyeating #sustainableliving #wastefree #nopackaging #packagefree #ottawa #goingzerowaste #unpackaged #bread #wastefreelife #lessismore #grateful #yum #foodie #yummy #snack #vietnamese #sandwich #banhmi
One step on the way to reducing the amount of waste in our house has been getting away from prepackaged bread and baking our own. My wife @em_n_juneau has been hard at work perfecting her simple bread recipe and I'd say its starting to pay off! #zerowaste #plasticguilt #packagefree #baking
I've managed to find a lot of really great #packagefree alternatives to our food staples. I was worried though that I might not find a good option for hummus (I know I can make it - I could make everything from scratch instead- but I work full time and it won't happen 😂) #letsbereal - anyway! A local shawarma place was happy to fill my container with fresh, daily made hummus! It doesn't get any better than that 🎉! I'm thrilled that I can buy it without the disposables associated with buying Costco hummus (packaging galore). #sorrynotsorry Costco! Another item #bitesthedust 💚 #goingzerowaste
Tasting the Rainbow Today 🌈 Mother Earth creates the most beautiful, delicious and nutritious things we need why opt for things processed and packaged when real raw organic foods look this amazing and make you feel your best!
Sent off my annual hard-to-recycle waste box to @terracycle this morning. They take difficult to recycle items (broken toys, food wrappers) break them into parts that can be recycled, and use them to make new products (watering cans, backpacks, decking). The first year I did this little experiment, the box was full in 2 weeks. The second time, 4 weeks. This time, 10 weeks. What's inside? Broken toys, popped balloons, candy and granola bar wrappers, the plastic seals from glass jars, toy packaging, spent pens and markers, old empty plastic cosmetics cases, and other items I've been gradually using up since I started on less waste and plastic. We have a good recycling program in Chicago, but plastic #6 is not accepted, so any coffee lids that enter my house are in there, too. I'd prefer to have no waste of this kind, of course, but doing this once a year gives me a read on how much I've improved. This particular box, where you don't have to separate the types of items, costs to send in. However if you want to send only one type of waste (e.g. beauty packaging, office supplies) they provide free shipping.
Trying to renew my journey with going zero waste, by giving up disposable razors. I'm happy to say my new metal @albatross_sailing razor from @packagefreeshop worked even better than a disposable!! I was nervous it might be more dangerous or hard to use but it was super lovely and gave a really close shave. Not to mention it feels pretty glamorous to shave like I'm living in a time before disposables. #zerowaste #journey #process #reducewaste #reduceplastic #nondisposablelife #packagefree #metalrazor #ecoconcious #sustainableliving
Why does food in glass jars make me so happy!? @kalliemickelle , I still think about our package free store and how awesome it would be! I actually found all my notes for it last night 🤓 #zerowaste
Growing our own veggies in the center of #thehague on our teeny tiny balcony. Spinach, carrots, arugula and bok choy. Yumm!! 🌱 . . . #zerowaste #zerowastenederland #verpakkingsvrij #packagefree #veggies #vegetables #spinach #bokchoy #arugula #carrots #duurzaamdenhaag
✨STARSTRUCK✨ I met Leonardo DiCaprio, @zerowastedaniel and @trashisfortossers in the same week. Check out my latest post to see how it all went down. #zerowaste #packagefree #plasticfree #lifewithoutplastic #sustainableliving
Buying #packagefree tea turned out to be the easiest thing in #zerowastelifestyle in Moscow 🙌🏻 Чай, как много в этом звуке! И вкусе) И если люди в этой галактике и делятся на кофеманов и чаеводов, то мы несомненно чайные люди 💭 ☕️ Не знаю, какой напиток закладывали создатели в этот эмоджи, но в этом посте это - чай) Чай я пью с детства, без сахара и до знакомства со своим мч всегда его пила в заварном чайнике. У нас дома не принято было пить чай в пакетиках со всякими там вкусами. Только чёрный листовой, только с лимоном, только хардкор) ☕️ Сейчас мы снова перешли на рассыпной, хотя съехав от родителей, у нас всегда дома были пакетики "чая". От них куча мусора, начиная с того, что коробка завёрнута в прозрачную пластиковую пленку, и заканчивая индивидуальной упаковкой для каждого пакетика, веревкой, ярлычком и самим "пакетиком", который часто сделан из древесного и термопластикового волокна, реже из пластиковой сетки целиком. ☕️ О качестве чая в пакетиках не хочу писать - думаю, что все-таки оно разное, но массмаркет доверия не внушает. ☕️ Чай мы теперь покупаем на развес в свои коробки от прошлых чаёв или просто лежали в моем хламе коробок с былых времён (ведь коробочки я всегда любила😆). Сейчас мы берём в @chayburg Там сразу не возникло проблем, продавцы даже глазом не моргнули при "можно в нашу"). К тому же у них есть программа лояльности - копишь чеков на 1000 руб. и получаешь накопительную карту (похоже на рекламный пост, видимо у меня хорошо получаться будет 😅) ☕️ Второе место - Улун. Тут есть на развес отдельные ингредиенты: лаванда, роза, ромашка и куча всякой всячины, которую можно залить кипятком. Я фанат ромашки и всегда покупала в аптеке в пакетиках, так что рада, что нашла #наразвес ☕️ Кайф покупки чая на вес в том, что мы все время можем выбрать новый, поболтать с продавцом, понюхать из коробки и взять что-то, чего хочется именно сейчас. Зелёный, чёрный, острый, сладкий, кислый. Вообщем, хозяин - барин)) ☕️ Чай мы пьём из ситец для кружки из @ikea_rus, чайником пока не обзавелись) ☕️ Кофеманам вроде тоже не сложно найти на вес зернышки. У нас одна банка растворимого для экстренных утренних ситуаций 😁
Felix the feline needs your input! --- I was recently asked what it looks like to practice a zero waste lifestyle and own a dog. Questions like - Should I buy compostable poop bags? Can I compost dog poop or flush it down the toilet? What type of toys should I buy? What's the best way to buy dog food? --- Here is where Felix would love your input. 😸 What do you do about waste (bodily or otherwise) while owning a pet? What zero waste solutions can you share?
Have you been watching the War on Waste series? We love hearing and learning of ways to reduce waste, and to help reduce the use of plastic bags we will be giving away 50 of our jute bags! Come in and mention "war on waste" to grab a bag!
Prototyping linen bulk bags. Been meaning to offer these for ages, and I think the time is just about right. #bulkfoods #packagefree #naturalfibertextiles
C is for cookie! 🍪 . . . . Most people don't realize this (neither did I, a couple of years ago), but being vegan & zero waste doesn't mean giving up on our favourite foods! 🍪🍰🍕🌯 These awesome peanut butter cookies are totally vegan, and every single ingredient can be purchased package free! 🙏🙌 Yes, even the peanut butter! How cool is that? 💯 It's really amazing to see all the variety of ingredients you can find in local bulk stores! I could spend hours in there looking at everything! 👀