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My first time making banana ice cream. Inspired because I found an old bunch of over ripe bananas randomly on the top shelf of our cupboard ( @john_moriarty?!). It's so easy and a delicious, relatively healthy treat for Esme. I used 3 bananas, some peanut butter, cacao powder and some chocolate chips. So yummy. Needs to be eaten quick though or put in freezer otherwise it turns back into banana mush!
Sourdough Pullman from @shewolfbakery procured in my awesome @branchhomestead washable paper bag.
Postára menet bedobtam két csatos üveget a szatyromba, mert tudtam, hogy a posta mellett lévő zöldségesnél számos kimérős opcióra van lehetőség. Szeretem ha van itthon rágcsa, így wasabis mogyoróra és szotyira esett a választásom. Biztos, hogy a te közeledben is van sok csomagolásmentes opció, csak rá kell állnia a szemednek arra, hogy észre is vedd ezeket ;) #zerowaste #shopping #hulladékmentes #lesswaste #hulladekmentes #wasabi #peanut #sunflower #glass #jar #saynotoplastic #plasticfree #nopackage #packagefree #plasticfreejuly #mik #ikozosseg #instahun
#zerowaste snacks for work! Homemade banana bread, homemade hummus and #plasticfree cucumber 🥒Happy Friday! 💚 #mindfullysustainable
Always look on the Brightside of life! With a trio of colours and a trio of Sicilian Mandarin, bergamot and tangerine, no wonder this is one of our most uplifting bubble bars! Bathe in golden orange waters and fluffy white bubbles. 🍊 #PackageFree #SelfPreserving #BubbleBathForDays
No bad energy coming into this apartment 🙅🏽
These are the golden nuggets that I like to dig for.I no longer buy seed potatoes.For the last three years I have just bought a small bag of organic potatoes and chitted them on a window sill before planting out #ediblegarden #growyourown #organic #potato #garden #packagefree
Missing the mountains ⛰
I miss the gold.✨
#Repost @packagefreeshop Reducing your trash is easier than you might think !! @zerowastenerd made this awesome collage of easy ways to start your #PackageFree journey #reducewaste #zerowastelife
I finished my regular eko dishwash detergent (we don't have a dishwasher and wash the dishes by hand). I made my first homemade detergent with lemon scent. I bought the grated soap and the baking soda in bulk. Recipe 🍋 Boil 500 ml of water, get it of the heath when it boils and add 10 to 15 gr of finely grated castille or Marseille soap and stir well (I put in 15 gr and find it a little to much so I would suggest you start with 10 gr). When all the soap is dissolved the water looks a little unclear. Add 100 gr of baking soda and 15 drops of essential oil (I opted for lemon) and stir well. The mixture will get a little thicker when it cools down by stirring. When it is completely cooled down it will be significantly thicker. Let it set overnight, it will be thicker with lumps in it. Stir well until the mixture is smooth again and put it in a bottle or reuse a plastic detergent bottle like I did. #zerowastecleaning #zerowaste #bulk #makeyourown #packagefree #reuse #notrash #sustainable #vegetarian #bringyourownbag #nachhaltig #muellvermeidung #plastikfrei #nowaste #buylocal #geenplastic #geenafval
Great 📷 @danilara167 is doing #plasticfreejuly challenge with us. 🌎💚 THANK YOU @danilara167 so much for being an inspiration and being part of the change for our beautiful planet. 🌎💚 Thank you @plasticfreejuly for creating this amazing challenge. 🌎💚 We are featuring people who joined this challenge through commenting on our @our.planet.our.home account. If you want to be featured, please let us know by commenting below and following our account. #ourplanetourhome Thank You All so much🙏 🌎💚 Wish YOU ALL a beautiful day
Sweet potatoes, potatoes, spinach, corn, pinto beans, ketchup...I want what I want 😋
Finding local businesses with thoughtful products and low-impact packaging is always a highlight for us. Tonight we toured the production space of @melioracleaningproducts, who handmake nontoxic cleaning products in their Chicago space. You can buy package-free bar soap from them, as well as plastic-free stain remover sticks and laundry detergent packaged in the compostable / recyclable bags shown here. They also sell their products in bulk at @sugarbeetfoodcoop! We hope to do another tour with them this winter for one of our monthly meet-ups - who's in? 🙌
My simple little pantry. It makes me smile 😊 I fill my jars directly at the local bulk food coop. I love this way of shopping especially how it makes you slow down and be more intentional, it even connects you with your community. . . #zerowastepantry #plasticfree #packagefree #bulkshopping #bulkisbeautiful #simple #simpleliving #minimalism #minimalistfamily #realfood #wholefoods #openshelving #glassjars #sustainable #slowliving #zerowaste #jars #vegan #veganfamily #wholefoodsplantbased 🌱
Hey there, hot-tea; you're lovely, & so is tea without packaging. 💕 We have these cuties on our site 💕