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Number drill #thehandlers
My happy place is in a puddle of my own sweat with my heart beating so fast it feels like it's trying to jump of of my chest. And i feel like I'm on top of the world. Free, strong, and powerful. #Runners #High #Run #Day #Sunday #Outwork
Such a love hate relationship with sports supplements in general. Never tried this brand, looking forward to giving them a go. Got to make some gains! #blogging #loveit #gymlife #lifting #liftingweights #supplements #myprotein #newsupps #sportssupplements #gainsville #gains #makinggains #makinggainz #makinggainzdaily #growth #positivevibes #positivelife #fitspo #fitspiration #gymlife💪 #outwork #whynot #mystack
Just keepin' it real. Monday sets the tone for the week.
Play at the level at which you practice. Successful people value practice and develop the discipline to do it. If you want to sum up what lifts most successful individuals above the crowd, you could do it with four little words: a little bit more. Successful people pay their dues and do all that is expected of them - plus a little bit more. . It's a misconception that highly successful people are born that way. The truth is that no one reaches their potential unless he/she is willing to practice his/her way there. So how do we grow and develop? Through practice. People refine old skills and acquire new ones through practice. That is where the tension between where we are and where we ought to be propels us forward. . Since there is always a better way, your job is to find it. The “sharpening” process is better in the right environment. You can’t discover your abilities and improve your skills in an environment where you are not allowed to make mistakes. Improvement always requires some degree of failure. You must seek a practice area where experimentation and exploration are allowed. . If you desire to improve and develop, then you must practice. It allows you to break your own records and outstrip what you did yesterday. Done correctly, practice keeps making you better than you were yesterday. If you don’t practice, you shortchange your potential.
Trying to channel my inner James Harrison! Hip Thrusts / Glute Bridges are becoming a staple of my program! The only problem is... you must never make eye contact with anyone while performing these 😅😅😅 #legday #glutebridge #noeyecontact #outwork #letsgetit #workoutmotivation #sundayfunday #repsforjesus
Big shoutout to @standonitfisher one of the X-Project OGs. Still going strong and working to get better every time he steps in the gym! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A little look back at him cruising through some Burpees at Weapon-X 6! Photo: @ridlen_rd_photography #CrossFIt #CrossFitter #Workout #firebreather #OG #Fitnessmotivation #outwork #dothework #Instafit #fitfam #workoutoftheday #Fitspo #fitnessfun #Fitnessgoals #Burpees #fitness #fitnesschallenge
"The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose of life is to give it away." ➖ Hit 5k followers today, a small milestone in the big picture but definitely amazing to me nonetheless. Like that quote says it's so incredible to me that I'm able to take my life's passion and use it in a way to motivate, inspire and educate people. Truly humbling. Huge shout out to all my online coaching clients, in person clients and followers❤️
Sound on for this one boiz n gurlz. Story time: This guy came up to me before my set and said he was gonna spot me because he saw me getting focused and pumped up. He asked me how many reps, I told him 4, and he said to me "we're doing 6." I replied "no, I have to do 4." Then he put his hands on my waist to spot me and I lost balance on my first rep, almost ate it. I felt bad about this but I had to tell him not to touch me because I knew the rest of my set would be fucked if I didn't. He meant well and I appreciated his enthusiasm regardless. He seemed pretty pissed after but oh well lol Anyway I did 3x4 with 395 today and it was difficult but smooth
It takes proper #vision & #focus in order to really see #progress! #ItsAllAboutMaconProgress
*insert witty caption about calves*
MONSTER SQWAAT DAY WITH @ziggiezagata. Worked up to 420 for a triple (PR) followed by a 420 single. Stephen hit a HUGE 500 triple. WATCH OUT WE'RE COMING. #meetprep #usapl #roadto1300 #powerlift #sqwaat #fit #ironaddict #83boiz #outwork #compete