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The big #crybaby at #banfieldpethospital last night
Whilst bridgeys off running in the bushes looking for birds and rabbits, I'm staying close to dad because I'm a greedy little pig and I know he's got treats😜
If there is a more comfortable animal out there I would be shocked. King size comforter as a dog bed? You bet with Otto 👑🐾🐕 #ottojbjcpitpage #ourpitpage #pitbulllove #pitbullsofinstagram #pitstagram #sleepyhead #spoiledassdog
19th November 2017. We saw a HUGE cat!! I was so shocked I didn't even get the opportunity to bark out that I wanted to be friends. Love from Effie xx followmypawtners @rocca.staffy @lucky.lovable.louie @staff.igor.geous @dalia_thepolish_pitbull @dixie_the_staffy @hammythewhippet @belmarpets @princess.pitbull
Coordination goals. Thank you @dressirovka_sobak for sharing!
18th November 2017. I WANTED to listen to Mam's story, I really did, but I switched off when I realised there was no mention of walks or bacon. She can be incredibly boring sometimes. Love from Effie xx followmypawtners @rocca.staffy @lucky.lovable.louie @staff.igor.geous @dalia_thepolish_pitbull @dixie_the_staffy @hammythewhippet @belmarpets @princess.pitbull
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