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Cheers for the northern commentary here @jess_eayrs just noticed this has been in my Instagram drafts for the last 5 months! #monkeyman #costarica #osapeninsula #palmtree #diving #beach #splash #northernlass #olympicdiver #lagoon
Terraba🐟 #osapeninsula
We are excited to announce our retreat at the gorgeous @blueosa oasis, May 12th-19th 2018. 🐬✨🌙🌅 Can you imagine a week with friends, doing yoga, singing mantras, swimming in the ocean, eating delicious local foods, walking in the jungle, and taking time out, just for you? @bindupatel8 • If you are interested in joining us, please sign up, because we have limited space for this intimate week in paradise. 🐒🦋🌴☀️Link in bio✨🌞✨❤️ • 🌴🌿🦎🌿🌴 National Geographic has called the Osa Peninsula "the most abundant ecosystem and biologically diverse and intense place on Earth," and one of the few "blue zones" in the world. Join Bindu and Ashana for an 8 day magical inner and outer journey into the heart of chanting and yoga. ​ Relax and reinvigorate your personal practice in this high-end eco friendly resort with a Ganesh temple, beautifully designed elevated yoga deck,garden, private beach and pool. We all need to unplug, and sometimes we need to immerse ourselves into the beauty of nature to reset our nervous systems for real change to happen. ​ The expansive ocean, lush green mountains, rain forest air, monkeys and birds await you!We will practice Prajna yoga with Bindu in the mornings and Ecstatic chant and Kundalini yoga at sunset with Ashana. Lovely friends, you will be served the most delicious food, swim in the ocean, sit silently, have deep philosophical discussions, or possibly laugh for hours.😂🌴 • Please ask any questions you may have. And Blue Osa has an excellent FAQ's page, on their website.🍂🐡
The most beautiful, epic yoga shala! #puravida @encanta_la_vida @bodylovesoulpurpose
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After listening to flocks of wild macaws I won't be able to help but chuckle when people complain about crows being obnoxiously noisy. Good lord. But man, what a beautiful bird. Just unreal to see in the wild, giving me the eye while they munched on almonds 10ft in front of me. #scarletmacaw #parrot #wildparrots #macaw #macawparrot #costarica #birds #almonds #wildmacaw #piro #osa #osapeninsula
Metamorphosis is an amazing thing. Would you believe this simple, blob like caterpillar would become one of, what I believe to be, one the most interesting species of moths? • Hornworms are the larval state of hawk and Sphinx moths! What makes them so cool you ask? They are one of four nectar feeders capable of hovering; hummingbirds, certain bats, hover flies and sphingids (these moths). The are also some of the fastest flying insects, capable of speeds of up to 12 mph! • For more photos, stories and photography information visit my website paultheexplorer.com (link in my bio). • ——————————— Hornworm (Sphingidae) ———————————
Muchas Gracias Costa Rica! All your plants, animals, and people were so good to me. Big 💙🦋🙏🏽 to @blueosa @osanatural @melmof_ @parkcityspayoga @ewavalentina for the wonderful companionship! And to everyone holding down the fort for me back home to make this healing trip possible! @eric.lepore @inkyinkyinky @crookedcarrot @fullplatefarmcollective @petite.on.the.go @kinamv @sanfystyle @a.w.parker @dlh318
Free and wild...the way all dolphins should be...pantropical spotted dolphins in Golfo Dulce Libre y silvestre...como todos los delfines deberian estar...delfin manchado pantropical en Golfo Dulce #dolphins, #delfines, #golfodulce, #costarica, #osapeninsula, #earthwatch, #igcostarica
Price just Reduced, now $119,000 Don't miss this opportunity to own a piece of paradise. more details: http://www.osatropicalproperties.com/properties/small-home-spectacular-mountain-view #internationalliving #puravida #osapeninsula #paradise #southpacific #centralamerica #naturelovers #livinginparadise #livethedream #internationalrealestate #pacific #pacificcoast #coastalliving #costaballena #tropical #oceanview #dream #retirement #goals