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You’re always in your phone, I feel like you do me wrong... 📱🖤
“Let Me” has premiered on Pinoy Radio! Thanks for having me on the air, friends 😁 • #radio #interview #music #originalmusic #pinoy #pinoyradio #toronto #filipino
Update from earlier this week: rehearsals #1 and #2 are in the books! Catch me with Chris Anselmo and his gang at Joe’s Pub next Monday night! #originalmusic #folk #pop #theatre
So, we ended our big Sunday practice like we always do, leaning a new song. Here's a few practice clips of us having fun with Fleetwood Mac's Dreams for the 1st time. We tried all kinds of speeds and variations and adjustments. In the full vid, You may even see me wipe my nose, adjust my bra, get frustrated at a myself, even both of us hit a wrong note. What!!! I started out our practice with straightened hair but have you ever done anything so hard that even your hair sweated? Well, needless to say, my hair went ballistic. Proving sometimes, you should just adjust and quit fighting city hall and go with the fro. Enjoy the gritty practice clips. it was fun going back to this song after decades. 1st time for everything. I would love to do this with full band. Well, every song. Haha. But, sometimes, you do what you can do, oh! Duo! Thanks for joining us. Sometimes, to fulfill dreams, you have to adjust, sometimes fight city hall. But, always enjoy. New strings tmor, def. Signed, She Can't Fight Gritty Hall
Thankful for you guys last night! Southport Hall was great. Next stop, Memphis! . #debris #music #debrismusic #indierock #indie #indiemusic #musician #originalmusic
Check out our brand new single, "Still Pretending", on Spotify and iTunes!
A clip of my song”Lost” from Friday night! This was an awesome experience, thanks @mrchrisrockwell for letting me play and my friends that came out!