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Winter has just started but I'm pretty over it already so here's a picture from this summer at Mount Jefferson 🌲
My gallery is up! Take a look @ https://www.darkroom.tech/users/791 #ourmoodydays #canonusa #oregonexplored
Young salal leaves. An incredibly versatile and hardy plant. A true evergreen of the Pacific Northwest. 🌱❄️ . . . #oregon #oregonexplored #foraging #winter #frost #pnw #pnwonderland #northwest #nemophilist #foraging #forest #vscocam
It’s not too late to book your holiday shoot, there’s still 2 slots open! Remember, book your shoot before January 1st, and receive 20% off your session! Get booking!
Am I the only one with a case of the Monday blues? _ __ ___ Sony A6000 16mm f/11.0 1/125 ISO 100
Today consisted of a much needed adventure. ✨🛸 #goexplore
International Mountain day. Mt Hood. ▫️ ▫️Международный день гор сегодня оказывается, по этому поводу показываю одну из наших красоток, гору Худ. В какую сторону бы не ехал, всегда высматриваешь наши горы, притягивают они к себе, это правда и любоваться не устаешь и восхищаешься ими постоянно...Лучше гор могут быть только горы, на которых ещё не бывал (с) #oregon #pnw #portland #mointain #landscape #landscapelovers #oregonexplored #nature #beautifulview #mthood #nature_shooters #natureza #beautifuldestinations #upperleftusa #мой_oregon #горы #nature_perfection
Oh my 💜🌊
Mt. Hood looking pretty on a sunny day near Timberline Lodge. It needs more snow, hopefully coming soon...
So many memories as a teenager and young adult on this mountain.
You were not messing around about them breakfast burritos! 😰 For all of you who came after we sold out and those who couldn’t make it at all, we’re ready for ALL OF YOU tomorrow. 7-11am. Bring the cash. Bring the rain.
Tree 004| “They call themselves the resistance.”
It’s not the prettiest of Yuletide scenes, the halls aren’t yet decked with holly nor boughs of cedar and fir, but it’s a cozy scene and it’s real. We finally put the tree up last night. Yes, the same tree that we plodded across the ranch in fresh deep snow over a week ago to harvest, and has been leaning against the front of the cabin “curing” ever since. We have always trimmed our Christmas tree together, as a family. I relish the slow unveiling of each ornament from the layers of protective tissue and the exclamations over whose it is, and the stories retold about the history behind each fragile little bobble. These days my children are growing older, and my son has been flexing wings that have already taken flight and carried him far from our mountain home, to mountains half a world away. So I waited until all my chicks were home (a rare and treasured occurrence, let me assure you) to drag the tree indoors and open the old green chest that smells forevergreen and holds our Christmas cheer. Together we trimmed the tree, laughed and spun some holiday memories that will sustain me when my chicks are flown, no longer near..
coffee & sunshine & friends that make you laugh 📸: @rachel.gallo
I had no idea that whenever I threw my wilted sunflowers into our backyard that I was simultaneously providing the local squirrels with a snack! I am exploding from the joy this gives me. Gahh #pdx #pdxvegans #squirrel #vegan #nature #mothernature #plantbased #Oregon #oregonexplored #crueltyfree #vegetarian #animalrights
How I’ll feel when finals are over and I’m done writing two essays that are conveniently due tonight. 😅 . . Model: @naturallyme.kayla Producer: @nicportland for @suitcaselaundry Hosted by: @startheaterpdx
Fall term is over and I survived 22 credits with my GPA intact! And I passed my first ORELA exam this morning. Celebrated by taking a trip with @kyleramirez77 to Mary’s Peak and now break can officially begin! 🌲☃️ #pnw #oregon #exploregon #pacificnorthwest #oregonexplored #maryspeak
Long exposures!
@whiskeebusiness is all smiles after a long day cleaning crab, rock hopping and stoking fires. #naturallytechnical #naturallyshesdope
Had a great time doing a little catering for a friend. Smoked salmon bites and Vietnamese California rolls.
High above the clouds we are reaching the summit of Mt Hood at 3429 m with @nickadrift last spring. Because everyday is #internationalmountainday
Let’s get tangled up 💛
Thankful for places that make you feel small 🌏
Laugh often with those you love 💛
A dead, lichen-covered Ponderosa pine would actually make a great #christmastree 🌲
These two, my feeble heart!
Looking forward to more chilly evenings on Hood.
ᴀᴍᴀᴢɪɴɢ ᴘʜᴏᴛᴏɢʀᴀᴘʜʏ ➳ @emergingeye #pnwtameless