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Этим фото объявляю зиму в своём Инстаграме)
This weekend I'm lucky to be exploring Brisbane with Choice Hotels on the awesome Choice Hotel Travel Grammer 2017 competition. Today I explored the gorgeous Moreton Island at Tangalooma Resort where I was lucky enough to snorkel in the pristine waters around the wrecks & went on the desert safari where we sand tobogganed down a 40 metre sand dune. What an incredible day of adventure. Who else has been to this amazing place? What are your best tips for me? @Choice_Hotels_AU #ChoiceTravelGrammer2017 #ChoiceHotelsAU
An piece of iceberg from Diamond Beach.⠀ ⠀ When we arrived at Diamond Beach, next to Jakulsarlon Lagoon to pouring rain. So we did some exploring around the area for the day, including doing a hike up onto the glacier, before returning to the beach for slightly better weather.⠀ ⠀ One of the things to get used to in Iceland in the change in the weather. We drove into a tunnel in the pouring rain and came out the other side to bright sunlight!⠀ ⠀ Photo by @themiddleagewanderer - - - - - - - #beyourbucketlist #ig_great_pics #travellolife @travelloapp #thattravelblog #timeoutsociety #tourtheplanet #IAmATraveler #travelphotography #openmyworld #dametraveler #theeverygirl #darlingescapes #exploretheworld #travelworld #lifeofadventure #TravelTodayTV #tlpicks #doyoutravel #lovetotravel #femaletravelbloggers #girlswhotravel #womenwhoexplore @tripogogo @igtravelworld #igtravelworld #travellerau #amazing_shots @heavenly.travel @wonderful.vacationpix @a_destinations #illgramers #WeAreTravelGirls #travelling #officialworldtravel @bestbloggersofinsta @letsgowonder #escapetravel @vicivisuals @instaajourney
Пляжи и острова🌱 #GTWith_excursions Пляжи с пушистым песком манят и обещают райский отдых, но в какой-то момент обязательно нужно выбраться на прогулку по острову и посетить самые интересные места⬇ . 🏰 Стоунтаун - столица острова. Обязательный пункт программы - заблудиться в клубке старинных улиц, на которых соседствуют мечети, индуистские и католические храмы, сфотографировать сто массивных резных дверей, зайти в несколько случайных лавок. . 🎋 На плантации Кизимбани растут специи, тропические фрукты, лечебные травы, цветы. В частности, тут выращивается гвоздика, завезенная сюда случайно в 1810 году одним из кораблей, шедших из Индонезии через Маврикий . 🐢 Остров Призон-Айленд. Ранее здесь располагалась тюрьма для особо опасных заключённых, но в наши дни остров заполонили гигантские сухопутные черепахи, и в отличии от прежних обитателей, они невероятно милые и дружелюбные . 🌱 В деревне Падже вы обнаружите плантацию морской капусты, где работают местные женщины, весь день стоя в солёной океанской воде и при этом они поют и веселятся. А из морских водорослей позже изготавливают различные мыла и скрабы, а также другие средства для тела, обладающие потрясающими ароматами и свойствами _______________________ We know you like to lie on the beaches with soft white sand but let's walk around the island and visit the most interesting places. Stone town - the capital of the island. You should to get lost among ancient streets, which are side by side mosques, Hindu and Catholic churches, to take a photo a hundred massive carved doors and go into a few shops. The plantation Kizimbani where spices, tropical fruits, herbs, and flowers are growing. In particular, there is grown a carnation. Prison Island. It was a prison for particularly dangerous prisoners, but in our days the island is inhabited by giant tortoises, and they're so cute and friendly. In the Paje village you will find the plantation of seaweed, where local women work the whole day standing in salt ocean water and after they made different soaps and scrubs using seaweed _______________________ #GTWith_Tanzania #GTWith #GoTravelWith
🔺This magnificent photo is by: @lars_buder 🔸Location:Lake Eibsee 🔺 Congratulations and thank you so much for sharing it with us! 🙏 🔹Tag #trawellouge to be featured! ❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️❇️ #earthpix #travelbreak #travellerlife #topinfluencer #travelstories #wonderfulview #travelingplanet #luxurytrip #mybestintravel #travelmassive #travelblogging #borntotravel #dametraveller #solotraveler #travellerslife #opentheworld #travelbloggers #travellist #travelsmart #theprotraveler #travelingshoot #wdestinations #femaletravel #staycurious #aroundworld #justwannatravel #globe
My last few days have consisted of some epic Fly Fishing for trout up in the Canterbury High country and exploring some wicked spots I've never been before 🎣 This lad was lucky to land a beautiful Rainbow after a 20 minute fight!
HEUTE 19.30 UHR VERNISSAGE IM THEATER LOFER 🍉 „FERTILITÄT“ Wie kommt es, dass selbst unter Frauen noch immer diese Scham über die Periode herrscht? Ein Zustand, den wir alle monatlich, ob nach zwanzig Tagen oder gar mal 42 Tagen, erleben, wird noch immer versucht unter den Teppich zu kehren, so als ob es jenen gar nicht gäbe und auch gar nicht notwendig ist. Die Menstruation wird behandelt, als wäre sie komplett nebensächlich. Eine lästige Angelegenheit, die dann und wann unser Leben begleitet. Dabei begleitet sie nicht unser Leben, sondern ist unser Leben und bedeutet Leben. Ohne Periode gäbe es nicht die Chance Leben zu reproduzieren und Leben zu erhalten. 🍉
I loved flying Icelandair to and from Europe, especially because of how much attention they give to the littlest passengers. 📷 flying over Greenland #travel #andersonsgotoeurope #icelandair #greenland
I've dreamed of cruising back roads on a warm spring day three times this week.
Beautiful trail through the hills of Perth. Check out Eagle View if you haven't already. Great trail run 👌
Between the ages of I'd say 19 to 23, I was a little shit obsessed with making money. I had a profitable business, studied economics at uni and had a couple of side hustles going on top of that. I thought that was my path. Then I read this book. That all changed. I started a blog called Deadat30 which morphed into the 7 Summits Project and never looked back. Now I blow most of my money... 🙄 Felix Dennis wrote this as an 'anti self help' book. A no-bullshit account of exactly what it requires to make a boatload of money and more tellingly, what it takes from you.. There were too many oyher things I wanted to achieve in life to take that path. It's definitely a book that I have at the top of my recommendations list. Check it out if you get the chance.
On our visit to the Big Four Ice Caves back in the summer we were welcome by empty bottles, cans and rubbish all along the trail and around the ice caves. We ended up taking down a few bottles each to try clean the trail up. It blows my mind that people think it’s okay litter 🙅🏼‍♀️ leave no trace 📷 @rorycourt #packitinpackitout