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It's not a game.... #BlackFlag #onepeople #onenation
There is a call from the other side A crying out that echoes our cries Are you willing to answer the call Are you willing to spread your wings And rise above The heat That our frailty Has created #peace #lovesong #wordwarrior #wisdomspeaks #poet #onepeople #irise
#OnePeople docudrama about #activism and sisterhood, plus q&a with filmmaker @alsantanaman 8/24 at @ccnydocforum in #harlem
For fourteen days and fourteen nights my One and only companion has been the #Infinite Blaze we call #TheSun. For fourteen days and fourteen nights my only meal has been #Sunlight. For fourteen days and fourteen nights my only company has been #TheCreative Force of the #InfiniteLight. For fourteen days and fourteen nights eye have been perfecting #TheUnion. For fourteen days and fourteen nights eye have been battling... #ToSetYouFree #TillAllAreFree #NoneArefree. #WeAreOne #OneLight #OneLife #OnePeople
My beautiful city, such beautiful people 💔 I walked the exact same path down La Rambla a week ago admiring the good vibes of Catalunya that you could see in the unforgettable smiles on everyone's faces. Laughter, children, artists, sangria. Tourists, locals, police, scammaz. Everybody in harmony enjoying sunshine on a new day. To hear about this fuckry a few days later, I'm broken. It's becoming more and more difficult to think positive with all of these ugly events unfolding around the world. Tomorrow is truly a blessing and you have to make sure you understand that today. Sending all my love to Barcelona, Sierra Leone, Turku, Charlottesville, and every small crevice of the earth that needs it. We are all ONE people regardless of where you come from or your skin complexion. Compassion is universal, LOVE more. Love NOW ✌🏾❤️🙏🏾
there are some people who could hear you speak a thousand words and still not understand you.and there are others who will understand without you even speaking a word .✊✌ #respect #others #andearn #respect #only #peace #happiness #onelife #onepeople #oneworld
There for quite some time now has been a deliberate effort to degrade specific aspects of #TheHumanRace with the sole intent to cause #Humanity to fall into chaos. This effort is part of an Ancient Event that MUST be addressed. These efforts are the ones responsible for all the wars, catastrophes and diseases being experienced today. In order to stop the madness this effort must be stopped. The entities responsible for these events operate in The Shadows of all places of power and control across The Globe. These entities have for the past century been planning to force humanity into another great war. These entities have now forced their ways into places of power through devious means and have initiated their agenda. These entities have secured all the tools, resources, support and funding to advance their unholy agenda. These entities want war and "they" MUST be stopped. For those unaware of this truth seek knowledge but those who are..it is time to act. Eye have been quiet for a reason. Eye Am aware of what's around the corner and ready to do what must so we can finally #LIVEINPEACE. #TheFightForHumanity. #WeThePeople #WeAreOne #OneLife #OneLight #OnePeople