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i’m going to start doing a question of the day and i think i’ve decided to do a face reveal and some facts about me πŸ€“ so... #qotd : solo 1D or ot4 ? #liampayne
can’t wait to see them preform at iheart today 😌 #nouis #louistomlinson #niallhoran
My dad just won tickets to nickel back lol. Part 31 You parked the jeep on the side of the road. It was darker now and the street lights were on. You looked down a dark street which is where your suppose to meet your father, you took a deep breath getting out of the car holding one knife in your hand as you made your way down the dark street. You glanced around feeling all your emotions heighten as you walk further down "she actually showed up" you quickly turn your head seeing a shadow in the corner "and armed I taught her well" you raised an eyebrow "ye you taught me to be afraid" he laughed walking out of the dark corner "don't try anything Brooke I know everything that goes on in your life, I have eyes and ears everywhere" you gulp trying to contain yourself. "It sucks your mom had to go so quickly" you felt anger boil up when he mentioned her "you killed her didn't you?" You whispered not in shock "no I was in a jail cell at the time but yes I ordered my men to come after all you.... you could imagine how disappointed I was to find out your mother had two other children without even telling me" you glared gripping your knife "they weren't your children, after what you did chad didn't even know you" he laughed again coming out into the light he even looked scary "I still should've known, anyways back to the story. You could imagine how disappointed I was to find out that there were two surviving" you backed up feeling that he wanted to meet to kill you "oh don't worry I'm not going to kill you not here anyway if I'm going to kill you it would be like your mothers death I still have some unfinished business I need to take care of but I wanted to see your grown up face i may be a killer but you are the one I'm most proud of because your most like me" you gasp "I'm nothing like you" you raised your voice "oh but you are. You just haven't discovered that side yet" he began to walk away making you confused "continue your normal everyday life with your boyfriend, I will be out of your hair for awhile like I said I have unfinished business and remember what I said about the police I have eyes and ears everywhere" he motioned his hands as he disappeared into the
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I could listen to his voice all day πŸ’• #louistomlinson #onedirection #1d #onedirectionfunny