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So exited for Nouis' performance.😻
with all the shows and tours going on, looking back at harry when he was in 1D makes my heart drop. idk why tho
RIP Mr Gillsby. ''Twas a badass fish. I first met Gillsby when he was given to my friend, by a complete stranger, at the fair last night. He was a gift and in more than one way. He might've been sloshed around while we ate fried Oreos, and yes we might have forgotten to put him down while on the Scrambler, but he survived that all. His downfall came quickly and too soon. My friend made the mistake of feeding Gillsby a pea; turns out peas are fish laxatives. Gillsby shat his life away literally. Still a badass in our hearts. RIP Mr Gillsby
as soon as I thought his suits couldn't get any better.... and look at that adorable face!!!