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"Where you invest your love, you invest your life."
Sunsetting on Pretty Water Lake #sunset #Oklahoma #oklahomaphotographer #lake #clouds #water
Sometimes we search elsewhere for things we can find within ourselves. πŸ’« @naudiacharisma On a side note, this wonderful human being has been creating some inspiring art in the form of short films, reminding us all that we're human. Make sure to check them out in her bio!
Excited to see all the lightening captures from tonight! This ones from Moore πŸ“Έ @tornado_steejo #thisisoklahoma
Just got a SNEAK PEEK of BRAND NEW images that will be available on print or canvas! Come Check out Kourtney Huddleston Photography's amazing booth THIS Saturday! 🐴🐷🐴🐷 #farmhouse #oklahomaphotographer #scissortailmercantile #OklahomaPhotographer #Farmhouse #TagChipAndJo #kourtneyhuddlestonphotography
all about those weird crops. 🀘🏻 also, currently reading a book called The Cross of Christ and it's pretty much wrecking my life in the best way possible WOW. it's deep and weighty and changing my whole perspective on Christianity and Jesus. I've never felt so much joy in the victory of his cross. "the cross was victory won, and the resurrection was victory proclaimed... it was impossible for death to keep its hold on him, because death had already been defeated." all the tears and all the celebration. 10/10 would recommend. #paytonmariephotography
This shoot had everything: cloud to grown lightening, a hook echo, near house flooding and hail. But all I can think is how happy I am to have a friend like Jayme who will loan you not one but two outfits after you get soaked (twice) getting in and out of your car, fill your belly with soup, wait out a storm, escort you by car to safer roads and pay your toll fee. She loves well.